Potatoes took one of the first places on ourtable for a long time. Accident brought this useful and delicious vegetable to the table of the cook. And now it is impossible to imagine a daily lunch without him. Vegetables, meat and cereals are the basis of human nutrition. Therefore, potatoes with minced meat has become one of the favorite dishes of almost everyone. Very simple and at the same time delicious food.

Minced meat and potatoes have so many optionscooking, that you can easily get confused in them. These two products are brewed, baked, roasted and stewed with the addition of a variety of ingredients and are great for a festive and casual table. And most importantly, do not get bored. Let's look at a few simple dishes using ingredients such as potatoes with minced meat. Trying to cook one of these recipes, you will see that you can spend a minimum of money and time, feeding your beloved households a delicious lunch.

Potatoes with minced meat in a frying pan.

If you stayed in the fridge from yesterdaydinner boiled potatoes, and in the freezer there is packing stuffing, then you can quickly cook this dish. Defreeze minced meat in the microwave oven, pre-cut the transparent packaging. We clean one large onion and carrots. Onion finely shred, and carrots let through the grater for Korean dishes. It will take a few more cloves of garlic and a small slice of hard cheese. If there is processed cheese, then it is also perfect. Cut the garlic as small as possible. We turn the cheese into shavings. We pour a little vegetable oil in the sauté pan, wait until it gets very hot. Put the onions, garlic and carrots into butter and lightly fry.

We put into the sauté laver a soft forcemeat, salt and fryuntil ready. Boiled potatoes cut into any shape. Add the pieces to the toast with vegetables and cook a little more. When our dish is prepared, sprinkle it with cheese crumbs, close the lid and turn off the fire, leave it to languish for 10 minutes. It is necessary to give the dish a little time to make the cheese melt. The fragrance of the house soars that the household every now and then glance into the kitchen with questions about the time of dinner. And you at this time shinkuet fresh greens. Spread potatoes with minced meat on personal plates, sprinkle with herbs and cover on the table.

If you want to surprise guests and cooksomething unusual, then for this, potatoes stuffed with minced meat are excellent. To do this, choose potatoes of approximately the same size. Perfectly suitable root crops weighing 80-100 grams. Using a teaspoon, remove the middle and cut it into pieces. Two onions, several garlic lobules and carrots are peeled and crushed. It will take a little turmeric and dried mint to give a special color and taste. Three hundred grams of any minced meat is mixed with a bow.

Stuff such a stuffed prepared kegsfrom potatoes and stack them in a pan of multivark. You can put the filling up or put on your side, this will depend on the amount of stuffed potatoes. The remains of potatoes, carrots, garlic, mashed leaves of dry mint, stacked over stuffed tubers. Top with a small amount of ketchup, sprinkle with salt and turmeric. We pour water so much that it does not reach the top of the vegetables by three centimeters. Multivark set for 1.5 hours in the "Quenching" mode.

If desired, you can add bay leaf, dillor any other greens to your liking. Adding a few pieces of margarine, you make the broth a bit greasy. We put two potato kegs and a vegetable garnish on a serving plate. Top with greens.

From a potato with meat there will be a delicious casserole, draniki with a stuffing, croquettes, rolls, pies and many more various dishes. You just need to connect the imagination.