Many people have tried a dish like potatoes,cooked in a rustic, in fast food restaurants. But why not cook such a delicious dish yourself? After potatoes are rustic in the oven is much more useful than potatoes fried in deep fried or chips.

Potatoes are prepared in a rustic way in the ovenpretty quickly. This dish can be served as a garnish for meat, poultry or fish. But such a potato can replace the main dish, if you serve vegetable salad and garlic sauce.

The advantage of a potato dish in a rustic way in the oven is the fact that its taste can be varied according to your preferences using your favorite spices.

So, to cook the baked potato to usyou need potatoes (it is better to take a young one, but you can use the usual one), olive oil and spices. In addition to salt, you should take black pepper, curry seasoning, dry paprika and garlic. However, as already mentioned, the composition of spices can be changed to your liking. The amount of potatoes, butter and spices depends on how many portions are cooked simultaneously.

So, we start to cook. Potatoes should be washed properly with a brush. If an old potato with a coarse skin is used to prepare the dish, it is better to clean it. When using root crops with a thin skin, it is not necessary to clean it.

Now you need to cut the potatoes. It is better if the potatoes are small, then it can be cut into halves or quarters. Larger root crops should be cut into 6 or 8 parts.

Now prepare the mixture for potato coating. To do this, pour the vegetable oil (ideally - olive) in a bowl and mix it with spices. Seasoning curry, added to the oil, not only will give an exquisite taste to our dish, but will also promote the formation of a crust of beautiful color.

Now we "bathe" the prepared potato slices in the oil mixture and lay them on a baking tray. You do not need to lubricate the sheet yourself, it should be covered with baking paper or foil.

It is advisable to lay out potato slices,so that they lay quite freely, so they are easier to form a ruddy crust. If dry granulated garlic is used, it can be added directly to the oil mixture. In the event that it is decided to take fresh garlic, it must be cleaned, crushed (most easily, passing through the press). Add this garlic to the potatoes immediately after it is taken out of the oven. After that, you need to gently mix the lobes, so that the garlic is evenly distributed.

Now put the baking sheet with the potatoes in the oven,whose thermostat is set to 200 degrees. We bake the potatoes until soft and form an appetizing crust. Typically, the baking time is about half an hour.

Everything, homemade potatoes are rustic in the oven ready. When serving it, you can sprinkle finely chopped dill to make the dish even more fragrant.

But if you do not want to bother with the oven, you cancook this dish in the microwave oven. The recipe for potatoes rustically in the microwave virtually does not differ from the one described above. Potatoes must be prepared, cut into slices or mugs and greased with a mixture of oil and spices. When preparing a dish in a microwave oven, it is important that the potato slices or mugs are of the same thickness, about 2-3 mm. If the potatoes are cut into large slices, the baking time will increase. Similarly, we prepare the oil mixture and dip the potato slices into it. After that, the potatoes are laid out in a glass or plastic dish, the top of the container is closed with a food film and placed in a microwave oven. At full capacity, our potatoes are rustically cooked in a microwave oven for about 15 minutes.

As you can see, the recipe for delicacy from McDonald's is quite simple. Moreover, its taste can be changed by choosing the most acceptable option for your household.