Family life is always full of surprises andunpredictable twists of fate. This is the order of things, and it can not be changed, however much it might be desirable. But here's the person with whom you spend your life, you can choose. And let them say that you can not order your heart - you should not ignore the arguments of the mind.

the best husbands

But how to choose the right man? What are the criteria for judging him? And who are they, the best husbands? Many women asked such questions, but how many of them could find the answers?

Appearance. How important is it?

How many people - so many opinions. If we talk about the ideal appearance, then this expression is very useful. After all, each woman has her own tastes and preferences, and it will be very difficult to derive a certain pattern, and maybe it is completely impossible. But still there are special features, the presence of which gives the satellite a special attraction.

the best husband

So, the title "the best husband" is worthy of a person possessing such qualities as:

1. A bewitching smile. It is she who is in the first place among many women and often becomes the reason for the appearance of sympathy.

2. Athletic build. The reason for this is not only aesthetic pleasure from contemplating the relief musculature, but also the belief that this man is able to protect from any danger.

3. Well-groomed. It's not about manicure and expensive things, but about skillwatch out for yourself. After all, the best husbands are always neatly shaved, they keep track of the state of their clothes and shoes. They will never appear in a decent society, knowing that they have a slovenly appearance.

4. Eyes. Their color is a matter of taste, but here the fire in them must always burn. He is a witness of passion and desire to live, and more importantly, he speaks of love.

Naturally, one can not underestimate the appearancemen, because with him will have to spend a lifetime. That's just putting it to the fore is also quite stupid. Do not forget: the content of the gift is much more important than the wrapper itself.

Inner qualities of a good husband

If we talk about the nature of men, then in marriageIdeal partners are those who can listen. And do not just silently nod your head, but carefully delve into the essence of the problem, giving the right advice. If there is no such understanding in the family, then the wife begins to feel lonely and abandoned, which deplorably affects later life.

 quality of a good husband

The second place is strength, not physical, butspiritual. After all, a man is the head of the family, he must be able to lead her forward, become an uncompromising leader and with dignity take on all the blows of fate. It's not for nothing that they say: "The best husband is the one for whom you can hide both from troubles and from storms."

Purposefulness is another quality thatmust have a real man. Without a dream and ideals, it would seem that even ideal husbands lost passion and fervor. And without them, like animals in a cage, they are only able to eat, sleep and perform commands.

Bad habits

Even the best husbands have their shortcomings, inparticular, bad habits. Some of them are quite harmless, the latter can later destroy the family life. Considering this, three most dangerous dependencies should be distinguished, which, unfortunately, are encountered more and more often.

how to become a good husband

  • Alcohol. In small doses and on holidays, alcoholit is appropriate, but daily drinking with friends quickly destroy the family. Addiction to alcohol can be seen even in the early stages of the development of relationships, because men rarely hide this defect. Therefore, if you want to get an ideal husband, it's better to clear this moment.
  • Computer games. At the present time they have become a realcatastrophe, and, like a disease, slowly destroy the destinies of people. It would seem that it may be terrible that a loved one loves the virtual world? And at first everything is really like that, but it takes some time, and the fictional universe becomes much closer than reality. And now, instead of being a good husband, he strives to become an unbeatable player.
  • Miserliness. Well, when a person keeps a calculation of costs -this allows you to plan your budget and make plans. But it's bad when he does it with excessive predilection and is afraid to spend every ruble. And if in the beginning of relations from him and you can get small gifts, then after registering a marriage at best you will receive flowers, and then only on March 8 and birthday.

There are other bad habits, more precisely, their huge number. But you can cope with them or, at least, learn to live.

Man is an earner

Since the beginning of time it has become so customary that a man alwayswas an earner. Therefore, the best husband in the world is the one who is able to provide his family with everything necessary, or at least to strive to do everything possible to achieve this.

the best husbands

While the woman is watching the home, a manmust earn money, because they are the main source of well-being. And the more assertive he does, the more important his role in the family. But at the same time, a man should not forget about his household duties, about the fact that he needs not only to earn money, but also to be an understanding spouse and a sensible father.

Although now many ladies will be happy to changeplaces with their husbands and take the whole burden of responsibility for the family on their shoulders. Increasingly, in marriage, it is the weaker sex that seeks to build a career, while their husbands are engaged in cooking, washing and cleaning. It can not be said that this is wrong, many families live so long and happily, that's just the same distribution of responsibilities should suit both partners, otherwise permanent quarrels and scandals will not be avoided.

Do not forget about intimate relationships.

The best husbands are ideal lovers. This statement is true all 100%. After all, how many women complain that husbands are not able to satisfy them in bed. And if at the beginning of the relationship this problem is not so significant, then in time it turns into a real catastrophe.

the best husband in the world

But how to understand if a man is able to become goodlover? The answer is very simple: just watch his behavior in bed once. If he does everything just for the sake of his pleasure and does not want to recognize the fact that there is also a female orgasm, the conclusion suggests: "Why is he needed at all?".

Is it possible to change a man?

In truth, all people can change, and notit's important whether it's a man or a woman. The main thing is to want this. You can not force your husband to change, it will not lead to anything good. Here it is necessary to go roundabout ways and put the problem so that the husband himself asks himself the question: "How to become a good husband?"

For these purposes, it is also not a sin to use women'scunning. After all, few men can resist the seductive charm and tenderness. And yet, some minuses can not be fixed, so be vigilant.