How do you know if you like the guy? And you to him? This subject for discussion will often meet in the way of growing up a girl. There are women who just drop a handkerchief in the middle of a desert forest, as soon as men appear to pick it up, but they are also concerned about the answer to this question.

How do you know if you like him?

If you ask yourself the question: "How do you know if you like a guy?" - then it means, firstly, that you grew up and entered the path of adult life with all her experiences on the love front, and secondly, that you are definitely sympathetic to this person, since you yourself about this you ask. It is very important to always listen to yourself, to your feelings, because your "I" will never deceive you, and no one knows you better than you yourself.

Does the guy like a girl? How do you feel in society with him? Let's understand

How do you know if you like the guy? With such a question, you can approach a mother or an older sister if you have a warm and trusting relationship. From their life experience, they will give you reasonable advice, because when you are asked this question and found an answer to it. If, for some reason, you can not approach your loved ones, then know that mostly girls experience the same experiences.

First of all, it is necessary to know that if there is any sympathy, then when talking to him, you:

- you feel discomfort and uncertainty;

- turn your eyes away;

- You're blushing;

- you want to be with him all the time;

- I want to appear from the best side.

do you like guy guy

And when he is not around, involuntarily notice that onthe mind of thought is only about it, nothing else in the head does not climb. This leads to the fact that the girls are locked in themselves. This is sympathy and, as a result, falling in love.

Where is the line between sympathy and love? How to determine what you are experiencing?

When you meet a person close to youspirit, and you understand that you look at life the same way, then you will certainly feel sympathy for it. You become friends, spend a lot of time together, laugh, joke - here you can be waiting for love.

How do you know if you like him?

This question creeps up involuntarily, whenThe sight of this young man is felt by the fluttering of butterflies in the abdomen, and the head goes around. Of course, it's easier to understand yourself and your feelings than to him, but he is also a person, and he also has weaknesses and experiences. Watch his behavior: if he looks out for you from the crowd, if his face is lit up with a smile, then surely the young man treats you warmly. Also the easiest way to find out about his feelings is to ask him directly about it or ask a common friend (a friend) to ask him this question. But also not the fact that the young man will answer truthfully, because he can be ashamed, or be afraid that there is no reciprocity.

A young man can also think about how to find out if you like a guy

how do you know if you like him

When talking with him, show that he does notindifferent, for example, violating his personal space, taking a step forward, or invite him to walk. After all, as life shows, men are weak. As soon as he sees sympathy on your part, he will certainly step forward.

So how do you know if you like the guy? Only after understanding yourself, you will find a concise answer.