potatoes with meat baked in the oven
Many housewives love and respect such a vegetable aspotato. No wonder, because it can cook a thousand dishes, maybe even more. And despite the fact that potatoes - this is not the most recognized by nutritionists product, it is always an advantageous side dish. And sometimes it's a deliciously delicious independent dish. One of the most uncomplicated and delicious dishes is the potato with meat, baked in the oven. You can use beef, pork, rabbit, chicken. You can buy a whole piece and cut it, or you can take a ready-made stuffing. On what you have enough imagination. Let's look at the universal recipe that you can always use.

Potatoes with meat, baked in the oven, with cheesecrust. Necessary ingredients: potatoes - about two kilograms, meat or minced meat - half a kilo, carrots - 3 or 4 pieces, onion - 2 pieces, garlic - 1 head or 5 denticles, bunch of dill and as much parsley, hard cheese - 250- 350 grams, soy sauce. Grease a deep baking tray or baking dish with oil or grease. Lay on it a layer of thinly chopped meat or cover the bottom of the mold with minced meat. Sprinkle everything with soy sauce and leave for a while to marinate. When the meat is saturated and gets a unique aroma, top the next layer of sliced ​​and rubbed vegetables: carrots, onions, parsley and dill. To prevent the dish from getting too dry, you can lightly oil it with mayonnaise, then add salt and pepper.

potato baked in the oven meat

If you do not like mayonnaise, use for thissour cream, she will make the food tender and juicy. The third layer is potatoes! Purely washed, peeled and cut into neat slices. Spread over the vegetables. Squeeze out garlic and grease with mayonnaise or sour cream. You can sprinkle potatoes with seasoning hops-suneli, a mixture of peppers or your other favorite. Put the pan in the oven. Cook for about an hour until the potatoes are browned and the liquid evaporates. Before you take out the prepared dish from the oven, generously sprinkle it with grated cheese and leave for another 7-10 minutes until a tasty golden crust is formed.

potatoes with meat recipe with photo
Well, your potatoes with meat, baked inoven, completely ready! Now let the mold cool slightly, cut the casserole into squares and place it on the plates with the help of a spatula. Serve, of course, as an independent dish, you can pour sour cream or some kind of sauce. What is good about this recipe? The fact is that potatoes with meat baked in the oven can be cooked in different ways, adding different ingredients. Mushrooms are perfect here, for example mushrooms. You can improvise with layers, changing them in places or mixing food at all when cooking potatoes baked in the oven. Meat, if desired, is replaced by a chicken or even a chicken liver. A variety of vegetables will make this food always new. So you hardly ever get bored with potatoes with meat. The recipe with the photo will facilitate the cooking process and help you see the result of your labors before it is achieved. In general, give potatoes more attention and experiment!