Not everyone knows how to draw a diamond. Meanwhile, a similar problem can arise. The master class presented here will show how to draw a diamond in pencil step by step. Also here is an approximate version of the coloring of the symbolic diamond.

A diamond or a diamond?

Sometimes people want to picture a diamond. True, they say most often that they want to learn how to draw a diamond. But this is not a correct expression. After all, a diamond is a stone that does not yet have a cut, so it can have any shape. Here, we will consider the variant of the image of a faceted diamond, that is, a diamond.

Naturally, each drawing is executed with a sketch,which is then colored. And so the artist first thing is nothing, how to draw a diamond with a pencil - draw a sketch of the depicted object.

how to draw a diamond

Brilliant of pure water in the morning color?

Some believe that this precious stonemust be necessarily transparent. Some motivate this statement by the fact that there is even an expression - "a diamond of clean water." However, this definition does not indicate the color of the stone, but its quality. It is a diamond that does not have shortcomings, called this beautiful phrase.

But, in addition to the traditional colorless diamonds orhaving all the shades of yellow, there are fantasy. They can be pink, green, blue, blue. Therefore, before you draw a diamond, you need to decide which color the diamond will be depicted.

But the very winged expression arose precisely because a colorless diamond, carefully cut and without flaws, when it is lowered into the water, becomes practically not noticeable.

How to draw a diamond in stages

how to draw a diamond in stages

  1. First you must build a straight line or close to a right angle with rays rising up.
  2. Then on the rays it is necessary to put symmetrical points, and from them to build obtuse angles, the rays of which are directed towards each other.
  3. The line segment should connect the symmetrical points on the rays of obtuse angles. This line will be parallel to the base of the triangle with a right angle, from which the artist began the construction.
  4. Draw a straight line connecting the vertices of obtuse angles.
  5. Straight angle divided by rays into three equal angles.
  6. The points of intersection of the rays of these corners are connected by broken lines with the middle of the upper straight line parallel to the base of the right triangle.
  7. The extreme acute triangles requireinsert geometric figures. To do this, their bases are divided into three equal parts. From the first point an angle is built, the rays of which fall on the sides of the triangle at asymmetrical points. And the outer intersection should be slightly lower than the inner one. Then connect the straight line obtained and the second point. Thus, we obtain a triangle with a median.
  8. You also need to make a symmetric build.
  9. On the top of the diamond, the faces are drawn, which form various geometric shapes. It is very important to observe symmetry when drawing.
  10. The rhombus fits into the middle triangle of the lower part of the diamond.

Image of a diamond from other angles

how to draw a diamond in pencil step by step

Since you can not only draw a diamond in stagesin the plane, but also in the projection, that is, under the slope, then the algorithm for performing this pattern will be similar to the one described. But only the process is complicated by the fact that the upper line is not a straight line segment, but a broken line with two obtuse angles.

how to draw a diamond in pencil

Perhaps someone needs a picture of the diamond from above, when only its upper part is visible. The diamond in this case has the form of a circle or an oval, sometimes a polyhedron.

Drawing color on a drawing

As already mentioned above, colorless diamonds are most often found. To give the picture expressiveness, you need to cast shadows with a simple pencil and make colorful glare on the edges.

If the artist does not aim to achievethe real one-hundred percent coincidence of the image with the object, but wants to draw a symbolic diamond, then you can use the shades of blue. To do this, one tone needs to paint over the figures that do not coexist with each other.

how to draw a diamond in stages

How many faces does a diamond have?

Many artists will be puzzled by this issue. Meanwhile, it is impossible to answer it in monosyllables. After all, there are many ways to cut this gem. Initially, the diamond had only one polished face. And only in 1465, thanks to the jeweler of the court of Duke Ludwig van Berkem, a new cut appeared under the name "rose". Gradually the process was improved so that the stone could reflect light and its inner surface. And only in 61 of the last century Arpad Neji developed an original innovation: a profile cut that was called "princess" appeared.

Today, we know a lot of processing optionsdiamonds. The most common is a diamond with 57 faces. But "majestic" faceting is observed 102 facets, that is, 61 facets in the upper part of the diamond and 41 - in the lower profile.