Here, finally, the day of marriage has come! They dreamed about him, they waited for him, they prepared for him. And on this day you absolutely do not want to think about where to divide the wedding towels, how guests sat, whether everything was enough for everyone, pulling friends to participate in contests, etc. etc. That's why people who will be your assistants - a witness and a witness at the wedding - must be chosen in advance and choose correctly.

The main thing - do not force anyone. He does not want ?! Do not need! Choose from other acquaintances. In the end, you do not live with them, but only give preference to those who help, and properly organizes if that. First of all, the candidate needs to explain what the witness does at the wedding. Not a drinker at all does not fit, but an amateur to sleep in a salad is also not needed. This, too, needs to be clarified. If a person waves his hand and says that he knows everything without it, it's better to neatly and in a roundabout way convey his position. Little did he have any marriages.

The main duties of a witness at a wedding arehelp not only the groom, but also the witness. After all, on her fragile shoulders so many things fall that she even forgets to look in the mirror! That is why it is better to introduce the future chief assistants in advance.

If you come together and think about the approximateplan of action, it will be very good. Witnesses will only have to finalize everything, acquire props (and if you do not trust their taste, then not without your help) and finally become friends, in order to understand what and when to pick up - the situation is different. Of course, ideally, these people should be your best friends who will selflessly take care of your holiday. But still the witness at the wedding is more of an assistant than the leader. Well, can women even a day pokomandovat?

If the witness was not very active, theneverything that a witness at a wedding does, she must at least support. Here, of course, we need not only a cheerful and liberated guy, but also economic, and prudent.

And if the bride's assistant, also gay and economic, copes well with her tasks, then the duties of the witness at the wedding are as follows:

  • help in sending invitations;
  • active participation in matchmaking;
  • drawing up a script, preparing and agreeing a stag party's menu;
  • assistance and active participation in the preparation and implementation of the pre-wedding plan, when the bride is stolen, will remove the shoe and other events and competitions;
  • Help the witness in organizing a picnic while walking around the city and making a route;
  • help in seating the guests: near the bride and groom sit relatives, and then - friends.

Also the witness at the wedding should:

  • help the bride and the witness with bouquets in the registry officeand make sure that they are all in the same car, which after the ceremony will go to a cafe where they will celebrate the wedding. And while young people ride around the city, the hall should be additionally decorated with these flowers. This should be entrusted to someone from the guests;
  • have a number of several taxi services, so that if necessary, immediately organize a car for guests;
  • to monitor the guests sitting nearby (usually the relatives of the young) and to respond to their needs, for example, to fill glasses, serve dishes or give a command to the waited waiters;
  • of course, to watch the bride and groom, that they had everything they needed when they needed to;
  • and most importantly - to follow and accompany the bride, so that she is not stolen!

Of course, this option is ideal, and in realthe life of such a person is quite difficult to find. But still, the witness at the wedding is not an invited guest, and one of the main characters is better if he will at least half meet the above characteristics. And then the day of your marriage will be remembered for a long time for you and the guests.

We wish you great holidays and reliable friends!