Cigarettes "Sea" is a product of the well-knownAmerican company R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, which is the largest in size in its country. Over the years, that the goods are on the market, he has acquired the status of the most stylish tobacco product. This statement is considered fair not only by specialists, but also by many inveterate smokers around the world.

Brand History

For the first time cigarettes "Sea" could taste the inhabitantsAmerica. It was in 1975. The new trademark immediately aroused keen interest. It attracted the attention of local smokers with its goods with a non-standard size and unusual appearance. A product of 120 millimeters in length, in which the cartridge case and the filter were covered with dark brown paper, represented something between the cigar and the usual cigarette.

cigarettes sea

This significantly influenced the image of the product. He was considered elite. Thus, the cigarettes "Sea" have determined and firmly occupied their own niche. After 24 years, a major Japanese corporation Japan Tobacco Inc. invited the Americans to buy out their entire foreign business from them. Having received the consent, since 1999 she became the official owner of all their brands outside the United States. This led to the fact that over time cigarettes "Sea" were on the shelves of Soviet stores. At our customers in the first time they caused a real stir. Later they were used to it. But the increased demand for unusual products remained the same.

Assortment of goods

Today the famous American browncigarettes are produced in many countries of the world. Their production is established in Switzerland, England, Germany, Austria, Romania, Greece, Malaysia and Russia. True, many users believe that the taste is still better for those that are made in the US. The assortment of the popular product is relatively small. Now all over the world sell different cigarettes "Sea". The photo of the package and the product itself gives a more complete picture of the product.

Cigarette Sea Photo

In our country three formats of these cigarettes are sold:

  • super long;
  • King size;
  • long.

There are also different sizes of packages: on 20, 30 and 50 pieces. All cigarettes, depending on the level of the fortress, are packaged in packs of different colors: red, blue and gray. The nicotine content ranges from 0.3 to 0.8 milligrams, and the resin is from 3 to 9 milligrams. All products use a filter made of special acetate fiber.

Mint flavor

Separate attention deserves cigarettes "Sea" withmenthol. This product is also considered a premium product. The products are produced in soft packs of green color solely in the size of 120 millimeters.

cigarettes sea with menthol

Menthol cigarettes of this brand havebalanced, pleasant taste. In them, a small amount of mint flavor slightly shades good, quality tobacco. After each puff in the mouth, there is a pleasant feeling of freshness. Such products are preferred by women. Although some men also do not mind sometimes pampering themselves with something easy and unusual. Externally, this cigarette is no different from other products of the same brand. For its production, the same brown paper is used, which gives the product a special effect. Some smokers with experience consider the menthol More a standard of elegance and good taste. This cigarette underlines the status of its owner and gives it the importance in the eyes of others.

Opposite view

But it turns out that not everyone likes the cigarettes "Sea" with menthol. Reviews of some people about this product are very negative.

cigarettes sea with menthol reviews

Mainly, they are supporters of a healthy imagelife. They believe that a pleasant minty flavor only makes cigarettes more attractive. Who wants to give up pleasure? In such circumstances, it is difficult to work on the fight against smoking. And all over the world it is this task that is considered one of the most important. Certain groups of people are campaigning for a "healthy nation" and "life without cigarettes." To this, smokers have two arguments:

  1. Menthol products are less harmful.
  2. It does not contribute to rapid addiction.

However, physicians refute both these theories. After all, products with the addition of any flavor still contains nicotine. And when burned, a resin is formed that falls into the lungs of a person. Nothing changes from the fact that the product will smell something different. From this it will not cease to have a detrimental effect on the whole organism. Nevertheless, the parties are still arguing and can not come to a common opinion.