When people just start dating, they still believe that they can easily overcome all difficulties. They believe in their own uniqueness and in the fact that the crisis of love relationships never stand in the way of their cloudlessfortunately. After a while, both lovers look at each other and no longer see those they once loved. Everything has changed. The old habits began to irritate, and the management of the economy no longer touches and is not considered a nuisance for quarrels. Does love go away, and what to do when the relationship comes to a standstill? Should you leave or keep the remnants of the family?

Answer authentically to these questions no onecan, except for the people themselves, who will have to make a difficult choice in their lives. Their relationship, like any process, requires some development, and the gap can also be considered a certain step in their development. The first crisis in relations overtakes a couple after one year of communication or a joint life. They begin to notice in each other those details that were not so important before. If yesterday the girl was reconciled with the fact that her beloved picks in the teeth after dinner and endowed this act with a special romantic meaning, today she is ready to part with him because of this. People begin to see real partners who sometimes have nothing to do with their fictional romantic characters. What if there is a crisis in relations?

There can be only two options for solving thisproblems: stay or go. If lovers decide to keep their relationship, then they need to frankly talk with each other, try to come to some common denominator. Do not insult each other or raise your voice at the moment of the conversation, and also not finding a way out of the situation, to transfer its decision to a horizontal position. Perhaps for some time the problem will be removed from the agenda, but then it will arise again, but in a much larger volume.

Some couples, realizing their crisis in therelations, decide to part. Go to such a decisive step should be only in the event that you understand that under this circumstances you will not be happy with this person. Such a variant of the development of events is possible if people did not love each other at all, but everything, only were under the power of a strong inclination. Passion passed, and with it the desire to be together. Parting in this case is not the worst variant of the outcome of the events, since both get a chance for a new happiness.

The next difficult period in the life of the couplebecomes a crisis 3 years in a relationship. At this stage, family life is already taking its clear boundaries. Everything goes the same and measured from day to day, which creates the illusion of some stability. During this period, the sexual attraction of people to each other decreases, marital duties become duties. Approximately at this time, many couples decide to have a child, which adds to their lives a large number of new problems and concerns. Here it turns out that not all are ready to become parents or have imagined this role differently. Begin quarrels and scandals caused by constant fatigue and lack of sexuality. How to overcome the crisis in relations at this stage?

It is already harder to leave, because peoplebegin to connect with each other not only pleasant moments of sharing pastimes, but also life, children, shopping and so on. Too much at this point is at stake, that it would be so easy to abandon the relationship. In this case, it is necessary to speak frankly, express your discontent motivated, and try to find ways to solve the problem. You do not need to escape from a conversation or postpone it permanently at a later date. In time, the solved problem helps to save the world in the family.