Potato with chicken fillets in the oven is obtainedso tasty, hearty and appetizing, that such an unusual dish can easily be served to the festive table. It should be especially noted that this dinner is prepared very easily and quickly, and most importantly, it does not need to buy strange and expensive ingredients.

potatoes with chicken fillet in the oven
A recipe for potatoes with chicken fillet in an oven

Necessary ingredients:

  • hard cheese of any kind - 210 g;
  • mayonnaise of average fat content - 140 g;
  • chicken breast, freshly frozen - 500 g;
  • large bulbs - 2 pcs .;
  • potatoes large young - 5-6 tubers;
  • butter - 1 dessert spoon;
  • salt sea - to taste;
  • cream fatty 40% - 105 ml;
  • pepper ground black - a few pinch.

Process of meat processing

Potato with chicken fillets in the oven is preparedpretty fast. But in order to heat this dish, you must prepare all its ingredients in advance. To do this, you need to take chicken breasts, wash them well, and then gently separate them from bones, peel and cartilage. The resulting flesh is recommended to be slightly spread out, so that in the end several meat layers are obtained. It is desirable to salt and pepper a little.

potato recipe with chicken fillet

Process of processing vegetables

Potato with chicken fillets in the oven providesuse only fresh and young products. After all, only so you are guaranteed to receive a wonderful festive dish. Thus, you should wash and peel potato tubers and several large bulbs. After that, onions are cut into thin rings, and each potato is chopped along into 2-3 circles (not more than one centimeter thick). Next, the treated tubers should be placed in a bowl, add salt and pepper to them, and then mix thoroughly with hands.

Forming a dish

To prepare such a festive dinnerit is recommended to use glassware for an oven with thick walls. Its surface should be plentifully coated with butter. After this, you need to lay out the following ingredients in this order: onion, potatoes, chicken fillet. In the oven this dish is done in 35-48 minutes. But before you put it there, pour 105 ml of creamy cream over the products, and cover with mayonnaise and sprinkle with grated hard cheese.

Thermal processing

chicken fillet in the oven
Potato with chicken fillets in the oven shouldbake until the cheese product melts and the meat and vegetables become completely soft. This can be determined not only by piercing it with a fork or knife, but also with the help of a direct sample. It should be noted that if you prefer to see a melted cheese on a dish and not hardened by heat treatment, then it should be put on the surface of chicken breasts only a few minutes before they are ready.

Correct feed to the table

Baked potatoes with poultry meat and cheeseIt is recommended to serve the cap for a festive dinner only when it is hot. Also, it is desirable to decorate the surface of the dish with parsley leaves or other greens.