Potato roll with minced meat is an originala dish that combines both meat and garnish. In addition, this roll looks very nice, so you can recommend it to cook on the festive table. However, for a usual dinner or dinner, a potato roll with minced meat will perfectly suit, because the products for its preparation need the most usual, and the time for cooking will take a little.

So, to prepare a potato roll withForcemeat we need the following products: potatoes - one kilogram, minced meat from any meat (for your taste) - a pound, a bulb, a pair of eggs, potato starch or flour - five tablespoons, vegetable oil, salt, greens. If desired, you can use vegetables - carrots, cabbage, green peas and mushrooms. The listed products will suffice on preparation of six portions of a roll.

We peel potatoes and put them to boil. If you have a steamer on the farm, then the potatoes can be boiled for a couple, so it will turn out to be less watery.

While the potatoes are being prepared, let's preparefillings. Fry onion in oil, then add the minced meat to the pan and bring it to the ready, do not forget to salt and season with black pepper. To reduce calorie content, the amount of minced meat can be slightly reduced, replacing it with vegetables, for example, cabbage or green peas. You can add finely chopped greens to the filling. Ready filling should be slightly cooled.

Ready potatoes should be mashed, as inpreparing mashed potatoes and adding to it whipped eggs and starch or flour. To make the potato dough more gentle, you can add butter or a little cream.

If you have a bamboo matto prepare a roll, then it should be wrapped with a food film and oiled with oil. If the mat is not available, then the film should be spread on the kitchen towel.

We spread on a film a potato dough,distribute minced meat, and roll the roll, lifting the edges of the rug or towels. We transfer the roll to a baking tray, which was previously lubricated with oil. We lay the product so that the seam is at the bottom. To get a ruddy crust, grease our potato roll with minced meat on top with a small amount of sour cream, mixed with egg yolk. You can sprinkle with sesame seeds or cheese, but it's better to add cheese just before it's ready. Stir the roll at a temperature of 180 degrees for about half an hour.

Ready to roll potato with minced meat spread on the dish. We decorate with herbs and serve it on the table. The best side dish for this dish is vegetable salad.

Using almost the same products, you canprepare another version of this dish - minced meat roll with potatoes. In this case, for a basis we shall take a meat mince, and the mashed potatoes will use as a stuffing. We will need the following products: minced meat - 800 grams, potatoes - 400 grams, one large egg, a few bread crumbs or breadcrumbs, 5 tablespoons of good tomato sauce or ketchup.

We boil potatoes, both for mashed potatoes. While he is preparing, we mix in the bowl minced meat with the addition of eggs, breadcrumbs, three spoons of sauce, finely chopped onions, salt and seasonings. For piquancy, you can add a couple of spoons of sweet French mustard to the mass.

From the cooked potatoes we prepare mashed potatoes with the addition of butter and milk or cream.

We lay out the prepared ground meat for foodA foil or sheet of foil, which must first be oiled, forming a rectangle. In the middle, in the form of a narrow slide, we spread the mashed potatoes, and then, lifting the edges of the foil, we combine the stuffing over the filling, forming a roll.

We shift our product to a lubricatedtray, making sure that the seam is at the bottom. We put the sheet from the rolls into the oven, which is already heated to 180 degrees, with a furnace for thirty minutes. Then take the roll from the oven, grease it with the remaining tomato sauce, and poison it back, bake it for another twenty minutes.

Finished roulette is slightly cooled, cut into portions and served on a table with vegetables or salad.