Potatoes, perhaps, is the mostA common side dish in many houses. This is explained by the fact that it fits well with both meat and fish or simply vegetable dishes. Especially delicious and, in addition, useful is baked potatoes, which is prepared quite simply, while maintaining the maximum of useful substances.

The simplest recipe for thisdishes next. Potatoes are cleaned and cut into small blocks. It adds mayonnaise, spices and salt, everything is mixed well and left for an hour. In the prepared form, products are laid out, evenly distributed and placed in the oven, heated to an average temperature for 40 minutes. Ready-baked potatoes have a golden hue.

If a young root crop is taken, then there is nothe need to clean it from the peel. It is well washed and lightly brushed with a stiff brush. After that, the potatoes are cut into four equal parts (if the tubers are large, then they can be divided into 6-8 parts), laid out on a baking sheet, salted, peppered, put garlic through the press, evenly sprinkled with grated cheese of solid grades and put in a well-heated oven . Piquancy to this dish will add mustard-mayonnaise sauce. For this, a mustard spoon is added to the mayonnaise, everything mixes well.

If we talk about how to cook potatoes,it is necessary to recall this dish, created with additional ingredients, since the result can be used both as a side dish and as a separate dish. In this case, this product is combined with virtually any vegetables or meat ingredients. For example, the original taste is potatoes baked with mushrooms and bacon. For this, the potatoes in the peel are washed and baked in the oven for about an hour at an average temperature, or in the microwave for 20-30 minutes. After this, the tubers are cut into two halves. Mushrooms are fried, cut, like bacon, in small cubes, mixed, a small amount of mayonnaise is added here. For each half of the potato, the filling is laid out, the top is sprinkled with grated cheese. The dish is neatly laid out on a baking tray, placed for several minutes in a preheated oven. It is served to the table, it is hot, while it has an original look and a tender taste.

In addition, there is an interesting taste of potatoes,baked with minced meat. To do this, the tubers are cleaned, cut into thin circles, laid out in a prepared and oiled form. They are salted, peppered, spices are added. On top is laid out prepared minced meat with chopped onions. Everything is filled with mayonnaise, diluted with a little water. The dish is put in the oven for half an hour. Shortly before the end of baking, it gets and sprinkles with grated cheese.

Original looks like baked potatoes,prepared according to the following recipe. Tubers are washed, if necessary cleaned. Across the whole potato, transverse sections are made in such a way that it does not fall apart into slices, but slightly dissolves, acquiring the shape of a fan. In a separate bowl, the sunflower oil is mixed (it can be replaced with olive oil, in this case the dish will turn out to be more fragrant and delicate), shredded greens, garlic, cut into small pieces, spices (they are taken according to preferences, for example, hops-suneli and paprika), salt. The resulting mixture is well lubricated by each potato, including incisions. Then the dish is laid out on a greased baking sheet, put in the oven, which is heated to an average temperature, for 40-50 minutes.

It should be noted that baked potatoes are an excellent garnish for almost any dish, besides it can be done not only for a family dinner, but also for a festive table.