The most ordinary dish, which does not require anyspecial knowledge in the field of cooking - potatoes with meat. This dish has many interpretations. You can cook soup, fry in a pan, bake in the oven. In short, everything can not be counted. And no matter how you cook it, it will always be full and tasty.

Imagine that potatoes with meat are cooked in a frying pan. How appetizing she looks. To prepare such a dish, you will need a minimum of products:

  1. meat (can be any) half a kilogram;
  2. several potatoes;
  3. salt and a pair of heads of onions.

We take meat and begin to beat it. Then cut it into strips, and cut the strips about 3-5 cm. Lay out on a well-heated frying pan and begin to fry the meat. After about 10 minutes it will be roasted and will get a ruddy brown. After you remove the frying pan from the stove, lay the meat on the foil and wrap it well. Do not forget to salt.

Now we clean potatoes, cut it into cubes,immerse in a frying pan, add onions, sliced ​​as small as possible, salt and put on fire. After the potato is cooked, add the meat from the foil into it and fry it a little more. Hold five minutes on fire. Everything, now potatoes with meat is almost ready. We cover the frying pan with a lid, and after ten minutes you can start eating.

The next method will help prepare this dishsomewhat differently. It will be a potato with meat in a cauldron. As you guessed, it will be a stewed dish. You can cook at least every day, and still it will not get bored.

We take the cauldron, pour the sunflower oil,We warm it up. Then we put cooked pork meat and fry. While the meat is fried, we will deal with onions and potatoes. We clean them and cut them. Potatoes are cut into cubes or cubes, who loves as much as they like, and the onion can be ringleted, or simply crushed. We lower first in a meat bowl with meat and fry it for several minutes. You will see when it is ready. The onion will soften, and will acquire a golden shade. Now we pour the potatoes into the pot. To potatoes with meat was soft, you need to add water, ½ cup is enough. Solim and pepper to taste.

If you have a gas stove, we make fire the mostsmall, if the cooker is electric, then put the switch to one. Now let the potatoes and meat be cooked to the full. Five minutes before you remove the cauldron from the stove, you need to throw a bay leaf into it. Give the potato to stand for a few minutes. A little cold, it will be more delicious than if you use it immediately, taking it off the fire. This dish is well suited for green onion, dill.

Now on how to cook potatoes with meatChicken. A chicken is taken and cut into portions. Then put the pieces into a frying pan and fry from all sides. Ready portions will be when they are covered with an appetizing golden crust. In the process of frying, put onions, chopped finely, between pieces of meat. On top of the chicken lay the potatoes, cut with thin plates, and continue to cook. As soon as the potatoes are baked, you can shoot from the fire. Serve after the dish has cooled.

There is also an original dish - potatoes with meat inpot. First we take meat, we can have pork or beef. We do not cut it large, but we do not need to grind it, and pre-fry it in a frying pan. After all, the cooking time for meat and potatoes is different. Also fry the onions. Then we put all the ingredients in a pot, put the potatoes raw. Do not forget to salt and pepper. We close the pot and put it in the oven for baking. Instead of lids, you can take an ordinary dough and close it on top of a pot. Together with the willingness of potatoes with meat, the dough (in the form of a flat cake) will be ready. Potatoes with meat, cooked in this way, will be much tastier than cooked in a frying pan.

From this article you learned several ways of cooking potatoes with meat. I hope this will be useful.