Many remember how tasty it seemed in childhoodtaste of potatoes baked entirely in the ashes of a fire. And let the ashes crack on his teeth, and his lips and cheeks are stained with soot, but the taste of this smelling potato smoke is inexpressible!

But you can cook baked potatoes andin the home kitchen, and, at the same time, it will not be necessary to smudge everything around with soot. One of the best options for this dish is potatoes baked in foil. Prepared in this way, potatoes are not only tasty, but also very useful. As almost all vitamins and minerals remain intact. Rich baked potatoes potassium, so it is recommended to use it more often for those who suffer from heart disease or suffer from recurrent seizures in the legs.

Potatoes baked in foil can beprepared with the use of root vegetables of any kind. The only condition is to select tubers of the same size (medium) and they should not be damaged. It's better to eat potatoes baked in foil immediately after cooking, but if the potatoes have cooled down, then it can be heated, without removing the foil, in a pan under the lid or in the oven. It does not affect taste.

Best of all, of course, is youngpotato, baked in foil. It does not even need to be cleaned, it is sufficient to wash it under the tap and drain it. Then make a cross on each tuber in the form of a cross in which to put a piece of butter. In addition, you can fill in the cuts finely chopped dill.

Now wrap each tuber in a square offoil (if the foil is thin, then it is better to wrap it in two layers). We put the wrapped potatoes on a baking tray, which we put on the lower level of the oven and bake at a temperature of 200 degrees. The potatoes will be burned for about forty minutes. Readiness is checked with a fork by unfolding the foil. You can eat such potatoes directly with the skin, adding salt or some sauce as needed.

If only old potatoes are available, thenuse the following simple recipe. Potato with my brush, dry it with a paper towel. We rub it with salt and vegetable oil, wrap it in foil, as indicated above and bake. Such potatoes, baked in foil, will be ready in about an hour. The potato will turn out fragrant with a crispy crust.

If there are only large roots,you can prepare a dish of potatoes in foil. The recipe is little different from the previous one, only potatoes need to be cleaned and boiled for ten minutes at a weak boil. Then dry, sprinkle with spices, grease with oil and bake in foil in a preheated oven for up to two hundred degrees.

And you can cook potatoes with stuffing. To do this, each tuber is cut in half and put between the halves a piece of bacon, salted bacon, cheese (who likes that). Prisalivaem potatoes from above. We wrap it in foil and bake it.

A very sophisticated dish - bakedstuffed potatoes. You can prepare it in different ways. For example, you can boil potatoes "in uniform", and after cooling, peel, cut in half and remove from the middle of the flesh with a teaspoon. The resulting "boats" stuff stuffing and bake, watering the sauce and sprinkled with cheese.

You can make blanks for stuffing from rawpotatoes, using a special knife. And you can first bake the potatoes in foil, as mentioned above, and after its cooling, make billets out of it, as well as from boiled potatoes.

Filling stuffs can be chosen any,potatoes are well combined to taste with meat, mushrooms, vegetables. You can stuff potatoes with fish - boiled or salted, or even cottage cheese, mixing it with sour cream or mayonnaise, salt and chopped garlic. Serve the baked potatoes with any sauce, decorating with fresh vegetables.