They are the windows of plastic, beautiful, stylish,able to transform any interior. But there are those who doubt their safety, because somewhere they heard that plastic is injurious to health and, in general, PVC windows are not an ideal option. Let's look at the basic misconceptions!

1. Plastic windows contain harmful lead.

Lead - chemical element of the periodic tableMendeleev University. From this, it would be necessary to begin an analysis of any material used by man in everyday life and industry. Nobody uses pure lead, and even in harmful quantities. This, at least, is meaningless! And the composition of plastic actually includes lead salts in extremely low concentration. And lead from the salts can not stand out even at high temperatures. If chemistry lessons have disappeared from memory, a simple example will help to understand what salt is by the example of ... salt. Cookery. And it is sodium chloride, which does not mean that we eat chlorine every day (it would be difficult to eat it in principle, as it is a corrosive gas). The same with lead compounds - sounds ominous, but in fact it is not more dangerous, say, hydrogen dioxide (H2O).

2. Plastic windows do not breathe at all.

So this is their main advantage! "Breathable" windows are doomed to replace and as soon as possible. After all, this means a loss of tightness, which threatens with constant drafts and their consequences. And there, before the leaks near. Even if it seems that the wooden windows are more ecological and "breathe", then you just need to look at them carefully. They, too, must be airtight, and such they do, processing wooden lamellas, so that they do not pass moisture, gluing them together with super strong adhesive, varnishing or painting the finished frame. What kind of "breathing" is it? Only if there are errors during installation, but this is another story. The only difference between wooden frames and plastic ones is that the price is not in favor of the former. The plastic profile perfectly protects against cold, dampness and noise and is attractive for the price! Here more.

3. PVC windows should not be misted.

We agree with this statement. Should not, provided that everything is in order with ventilation, that is, if outside air sometimes gets into the room. Are not you surprised that the mirror in the bathroom swoons when you take a shower? Closed space, moisture (boiling water in the kitchen, for example), the temperature difference between home and street - and the glass, of course, fog up, no matter what profile they are inserted. Ventilate the room and do not be afraid of sweating! In addition, the plastic profile can be equipped with a supply valve for forced air access from the street, then it will not be scary to forget to open the window while cooking in the kitchen.

As it turned out, there is nothing in the plastic windowsterrible, harmful and uncomfortable. Continuous use, aesthetics and reliability! And if you pay attention to the fact that the prices for plastic windows every day are lower and lower, then this glazing is now available to absolutely everyone.

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