what windows it is better to put
Of course, one of the most important stages of repairis the replacement of windows. From the correctness of the chosen solution will depend both the duration of their operation, and the harmony with the future interior. Currently, there are more than enough market offers, and therefore the most important question is: which windows are better to put? Which of them are more reliable, practical, durable?

Wooden windows

The tree has been used for several centuries inquality of material for the manufacture of windows. Even more recently, the question of which windows it is better to place, the residents of our country did not even rise. Wooden windows stood in every apartment. Possessing excellent soundproofness and hygroscopicity, they perfectly keep the heat and do not let the cold air pass. At the same time, they contribute to a better air exchange, even in the closed state, which is undoubtedly another advantage. The tree organically fits into any interior, gives the home warmth, harmony and coziness. A natural tree does not accumulate static electricity, and therefore, less collects dust. The service life of these windows can reach half a century, and with proper care - even longer. The cost of wooden structures depends on the wood used for their production.

what windows it is better to put

Plastic windows

Windows made of plastic, most recentlyThey are widely used for glazing of both office and residential premises. Advertising of these products is literally at every step - the calculation of plastic windows, delivery, installation free of charge, etc. Reliable and comfortable, having good heat and sound insulation, having an aesthetic appearance, they are easy to clean, do not need special care. However, complete tightness, it turns out, is not so useful - the air in the room stagnates and becomes dry. And if you can somehow fight this (regularly ventilate the room and use air humidifiers), then it's impossible to do anything with the release of chemicals that are formed when the plastic is heated. Nevertheless, when it comes to the question of which windows are best to put, very often the preference is given to plastic windows, despite their shortcomings.

Aluminum windows

These windows are comparable in quality toplastic. Made of aluminum, they are not afraid of high temperatures, and therefore, fireproof. Relatively small weight allows you to create designs of any shape and size, and therefore they are usually used for glazing loggias.

calculation of plastic windows

Combined windows

Especially for those who can not in any wayDetermine which windows are best to put, there is another option - combined windows. Depending on their purpose, they are performed in various combinations of wood, plastic or aluminum, which makes it possible to achieve almost any qualities necessary for their possessor. However, the cost of manufacturing combined windows is quite high and not everyone can afford.

As you know, in our world there is nothingperfect, including windows. Any window has both advantages and disadvantages. So, before deciding which windows to put better, you should carefully weigh all the pros and cons. But in any case, one should proceed from the fact that the window is not a product on which you need to save, since it is not installed for one decade.