Beginning repair in the apartment we, first of all,try to put new windows. Plastic windows are comfortable and durable. Double-glazed windows are completely hermetic, perfectly save heat and protect from noise and dust. The windows open in two positions. It is easy to look after plastic frames. Modern industry produces windows of a wide variety of imitations and colors.

The size of the plastic window in the apartmentsmeets certain standards of GOST and Construction Norms (SNiP). They meet the requirements for lighting the room, the ability of the window block to let light in, to the purpose of the room.

size of plastic window

Standard size of plastic window

For houses built at different times,there are PVC window parameters. For example, in "Khrushchev" the minimum size of a plastic window is 1300x1350 mm, and the maximum - 1500x1350 mm. In new buildings, the standard parameters are 1300x1400 mm (double-leaf frame) and 2050x1400 mm (tricuspid window). The fact that the size of the frames is the same, it is very convenient for both producers of PVC profiles, and for the residents of the house. Changing the windows in the apartment, you do not need to make something new every time. This factor also reduces the cost of repairs.

Having determined the type of house, you can determine the sizeA plastic window, but only approximately. When building, errors may be allowed, and the window opening will be different from the standard. Before installing plastic windows, you need to specify their size. Typically, companies supplying PVC profiles, provide their experts for measuring free of charge. They accurately measure the width and height of window openings, determine the parameters of slopes and windowsills. In addition, an experienced master will always notice if the opening parameters change after the old frame is removed from it.

plastic window construction

The design of the plastic window is aFrame (profile), on which fittings and glass are installed. The main attention is paid to the width of the window: the bigger it is, the better the thermal insulation. True, this affects the cost of the product, which is not always acceptable. You can choose a compromise option that satisfies both the price and the quality: the width of the profile is 70 mm.

In houses of own construction, the shape and sizeThe plastic window is different from the accepted standards. Here you can not do without individual measurements, which increases the cost of installing frames. But modern technology allows you to quickly and efficiently create a window of any complexity. The main thing is to choose a reliable supplier.

installation of plastic window

How to choose a company for installing plastic windows

Buy best from the manufacturer orits direct dealers. So you can be sure of the quality of the window, and its price will be much lower. Talking to the manager of the company, you need to ask how long the company works, the installation of the plastic window is carried out by the staff of the installation team of this company or are these hired people (came and went), whether there were cases of delay in terms, whether there is a guarantee for the product and to whom, if necessary, replacement of double-glazed windows. It is necessary to search for reviews about this company. Particular attention is paid to negative statements and their number, reasons for customers' dissatisfaction.