There comes a wonderful season of vacations, beaches,hot days and repair. During this period, the question of changing windows becomes urgent. In modern premises, quality plastic windows have become not a luxury item, but a necessity.

Guest on installation of plastic windows
When choosing a window, it is necessary to rely onUse a quality profile, rather than a low price. But the real experience in the operation of plastic windows revealed that in addition to the quality of the window and its components, the issue of proper installation is also important. The main aspects of installation illuminate GOST for the installation of plastic windows.

With an unqualified window installation, there is a riskto face such problems as significant heat loss through assembly seams, deformation of the window components, the emergence of fungal formations and others. Therefore, manufacturers do not recommend the installation of windows by themselves or in a company with a dubious reputation. Installation of windows according to GOST must be done by professionals.

Currently, documents thatfixed the rules for installing plastic windows, are GOST 30971-2002 and GOST R 52749-2007. For the same documents, it is necessary to rely on the installation of wooden windows. For each particular room, the window and its installation must be calculated.

Installation of windows by a guest
Coordination with the buyer is made with the help ofdrawing up a contract for the acquisition and installation of a window (or passport). The contract should indicate the materials used for the production of the window and its installation. A window scheme is also attached to the contract. Installation of windows according to GOST includes preparation of a window opening.

Installation of windows according to GOST 30971-2002 begins withchecking the deviations of the window opening. Tolerance not more than 3 mm in vertical and horizontal. Further it is necessary to degrease all working surfaces and check the dimensions of the window block with the opening. The next step (in accordance with GOST) is to fix the window unit in the fastening points. All seams moisturize and pass the mounting foam (from one to three layers). Inside the room, a vapor barrier is applied in places where the assembly seam passes through a mastic or a special tape. Outside, the installation seams protect against ultraviolet radiation and precipitation. Decoration of slopes is also better done with the help of professionals. The installation of the window sill can be performed and much later than the installation of the window. But it is better, of course, to immediately complete the image of the window by decorating it with a window sill selected in size and shape.

Installation of windows by the guest
The material for its production may not beonly plastic, but also wood or stone. If it is necessary to install windows according to GOST in winter, the GOST number for the installation of plastic windows is also 30971-2002 and R 52749-2007. It is necessary to take into account the nuances of installation in the winter season specified in the documents. Many manufacturers in the winter hold promotions and make big discounts for such a service as installing windows according to GOST. In winter, the time for installing windows is minimized. At the final stage, the customer needs to take work. For this, it is necessary to check the functioning of the entire fittings and the visual appearance of the window. All the doors should open without effort, there should be no incomprehensible noise or creak. The window must be clean, free of defects.