Clean windows in the house is not only beautiful andnice, but also necessary. It is known that dirty windows can hold up to 40-60% of sunlight. In addition, according to the laws of Feng Shui, the windows are, so to speak, the eyes of the house. Through them in the dwelling penetrates the positive energy, which is necessary for all living things.

how to wash windows

Windows are usually washed twice a year or more oftentheir pollution. So, how to clean windows properly so that they again become clean and transparent? The first thing to do is to carefully prepare. It is necessary to first free the windowsill from various foreign objects and pots with indoor plants. Close-fitting furniture and floors in front of the window should be covered with a layer of old newspapers or oilcloth so that water and dirt do not get into it. To exclude the possibility of harmful effects of detergents used on the surface of the skin of hands, it is recommended to wear rubber gloves.

Before washing the windows, you need to wipe the frame and window sill with a damp cloth. Then one of several simple and effective ways should wash the glasses themselves.

The glasses can be washed with a usual warm soapy solution, after which they are thoroughly rinsed with cold water, wiped dry with a viscose rag and finally rubbed with a newspaper for shining.

Checking the time withstood the old and experiencedfunds - tooth powder and chalk. On the wetted with a damp cloth, a chalk solution is applied, mashed to a powdery state, or a tooth powder. After drying, the compound is wiped off with a soft dry cloth.

Mistresses need to know how to wash windows tothey again acquired brilliance and became transparent. Help comes salt, which must be dissolved in warm water. After washing the windows, they should be rinsed thoroughly with clean water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.

how to clean windows properly

Steady gloss can be obtained by addingstarch in water at the rate of one spoon per liter of cold water. Many housewives know how to wash windows so that there are no divorces, so they prefer to use a solution of alcohol for this purpose. After moistening and wringing out the cloth in the solution, you need to rinse the glasses quickly, and then wipe them dry with a clean linen napkin.

It is impossible to ignore such a pressingThe question is "How to wash plastic windows?". It would be superfluous to purchase a special mop with several nozzles. Rubber scraper removes moisture, and with a soft rag nozzle, the windows are wiped dry. To prepare a detergent, a small amount of vinegar should be added to a bucket of warm water. Then this solution needs to be poured into a container with a spray and applied to a double-glazed unit.

how to wash plastic windows

Using a soft clean cloth or napkin,Active glass should be wiped dry. It will help to wash off the dirt and return the gloss to the windows with a solution of salt or detergent. It is enough to dip a squeegee with a rubberized nozzle into this solution and make horizontal movements with a slight slope to drain the water. How to wash windows to make them shine? The secret is that after that they need to be wiped dry with a rag nozzle. Do not use heavy compounds when washing windows: solvents, gasoline or nitro compounds. This will lead to irreparable damage to the plastic and the gasket between the glass and the frame.