Most recently, we stared at snow-white plastic windows and secretly envied their owners. They were a rarity and talked about the high level of incomes of their owners.

plastic windows laminated
Not much time passed, and the plastic windowsbecame available to almost any Russian. Moreover, new models have appeared - laminated structures that surpass their predecessors in reliability and aesthetic performance.

Laminated plastic windows, presentedin the modern market, please consumers with a variety of colors. Especially popular products with imitation of the texture of wood: stained oak, walnut, larch, cherry. This effect is achieved by lamination, which consists in applying a high-quality film coating on the surface of the profile, performing a protective and decorative function. The process of gluing color films is carried out on laminating machines using special types of glue. The received designs differ reliability and durability.

Laminated plastic windows perfectly tolerate temperature changes, as well as mechanical and chemical effects.

If you choose between a plastic window andwooden, then the choice should be made in favor of the former. Plastic laminated windows that completely mimic wooden frames are much cheaper, more practical and more convenient to use than windows made of expensive woods, as they do not need regular coloring, are resistant to atmospheric phenomena, do not rot and do not deform.

laminated plastic windows
Today, plastic laminated windows are available in several versions. The choice depends only on the preferences of the customer.

If you do not want to disrupt the appearance of the facadeat home, then you can choose a one-sided lamination option. The apartment will have standard white windows, and in the street - under the color of the facade. Possible reverse version, that is, the street frames will be white, and indoors - in the tone of the interior.

You can order plastic windows laminated, inwhich used a color profile in the mass. The method of co-extrusion produces a profile, into the raw material base of which a dye is added. The result is a color frame that matches the color of the selected laminating films. The advantage of this profile is that when you open the window, you will not see the white end.

plastic laminated windows
When ordering plastic windows laminated, you needbe aware that this is an environmentally friendly product, because all used films and glue have passed laboratory tests and received certificates of quality and conformity.

Long gone are the times when repairs in the apartmentwas carried out with the use of materials that "could be obtained". Now the difficulty of repair lies in a huge range of materials and the difficulty to make the right choice. All this can be said about the windows.

Plastic laminated windows can be selectedunder any interior. And it is not necessary to install the same color and texture throughout the apartment. If the living room is suitable respectable windows "under the tree", then in the nursery will be appropriate bright, juicy tone: red, green, yellow.