The French word "lambrequin" meanshorizontally arranged drapery. Beautiful lambrequins serve as an ornament not only to curtains, but also doorways, arches. Previously, they were located above the paintings, mirrors and other large elements in the interior.

lambrequins into the bedroom

Today they give some completeness, completeness to the design of windows, adjust the shape of the doorway or window opening, decorate the overall appearance. Modern lambrequins in the bedroom are divided into two types.

Soft Lambrequins

Formed by various tissue folds anddraperies of various convolutions and length. The richness and variety of styles of such ornaments allow them to be used in any design style. Arched classical lambrequins in the bedroom with long ends create noble creases along the edges of the window.

Lambruck-buff with an intricate pattern attacheddimensionality. Toothed - represent the Gothic style. At the peak of popularity today, the lambrequins in the bedroom with a throw. They add artistry, careless luxury to any interior of the bedroom.

Rigid Lambrequins

Lambrequins in the hard bedroom are also called "bando". Their fabric is smoothly fixed on a rigid lining, which allows them to be made in any shape. Draperies and creases in this case are absent. Similar decorations of windows are found in the style of minimalism, high-tech and modern.

bedroom lambrequins photo

Material for curtains with lambrequins

Windows should be in harmony with the design of the wholebedroom. In our time, there is a tendency to create curtains with lambrequins, different in texture and pattern. But in order not to overdo it with innovations, it is necessary to recall the basic laws of compatibility and harmony. After all, many colors and drawings are able to correct the room in a visual perception.

Principles of selection of lambrequins for curtains

To monotonous curtains of dense, loose fabrica soft drapery from a fairly light material is suitable. The folds from such a canvas, especially on the picks, will be well formed and will complement the wealth of curtains.

Lambrequins in the country style bedroom can be contrasted in color and pattern relative to the curtains. For example, a monochrome curtain of a warm shade is suitable for small flowers, peas, cages.

beautiful lambreke

For a luxurious classic interior it is possiblea combination of monochrome curtains and monophonic lambrequin, but different in color. For example, purple and gold brocade. And for a restrained urban option, you can choose a green color curtains and lilac lambrequin. Or different colors of the same color: coffee with milk and coffee, pink with bordeaux, etc.

Exquisitely look different textures fabric. To the smooth silk curtains tapestry draperies with a clearly expressed weave of threads are selected.

Lambrequins for bedrooms, photos of which are presentedin the article, often chosen the option buff. It is single-row, then the voluminous folds can touch the window touchingly. The intricate interlacing of the multi-row lambrequin-buff will be able to decorate the bedroom of classical design and will ideally suit different variants of the Art Nouveau style.