The advantage of plastic windows has already been appreciated by many. They are much better than the old wooden ones we have dealt with for many years. Modern double-glazed windows have a more aesthetic appearance. But besides this advantage there are more practical advantages. Plastic windows better retain heat, are an additional means of soundproofing and block the access of dust to the apartment. However, they also have one drawback. The problem arises when plastic windows sweat.

Condensation appears in them in the form of droplets. Then they flow down the glass and form a pile of water on the windowsill. This is a significant drawback, which causes many inconveniences. Why do plastic windows sweat and how to fix this problem? First you need to find out the reason for this phenomenon. Condensate can be formed under the influence of various factors.

First, the plastic windows sweat because of the differencetemperatures in the room and outside the window. When the apartment has a high humidity, and a low temperature outside the window, drops of water settle on the double-glazed window, forming puddles on the windowsill.

Plastic windows are hermetic and exclude accessair into the room, thereby increasing the humidity in it. It is enough just to ventilate the room regularly and the problem will be eliminated. If the apartment has a ventilation system, then check its operation.

Secondly, the cause of high humidity can bebecome indoor plants. Usually they are exposed on the windowsills, and, as is known, flowers give off moisture. It settles on the windows, forming a condensate. In this case, it is easy to solve the problem. Remove plants away from insulating glass.

To reduce the humidity of the window,to ensure access to warm air. Plastic windows often sweat because of too large windowsills. If possible, we need to reduce them. If this is not possible, then provide the window with additional heating. This is also one of the reasons.

Sweat the windows in the apartment and because of the excessiveeconomy. If a single-compartment unit is selected for installation, this can cause condensation. The more chambers there are in the glass, the fewer chances that it will fog. To solve this problem it is possible to replace the double-glazed window or strengthen the heating of the existing window.

Some manufacturers produce plastic windows with an additional function of "winter mode". Learn about this in advance and use it, which will provide the window with additional heating.

Another reason that sweat plasticwindows, is a poor-quality installation. If the installation was not done properly and there are slots that cool the window, condensation is likely to occur. If the reason is this, you need to carefully seal all the holes, ensuring maximum heat retention. After that, the problem will be fixed.

The situation becomes more complicated if the reason for the appearanceThe excess moisture on the surface of the plastic window is covered in the factory marriage. In this case, you should contact the manufacturer, since it is impossible to solve the problem on your own. Sellers must replace the defective product. Another way to eliminate the condensation on the windows, which appears in the winter, will not work.

If your windows are giving you trouble,associated with misting and draining the water on the windowsill, then carefully analyze the above and find the cause. Probably, it is necessary to experiment. After you make sure that the reason is not related to the climate in the apartment, the presence of indoor plants and wide windowsills, as well as with other circumstances, feel free to contact the seller or the manufacturer.

Plastic windows are designed to make life more comfortable. Therefore, their operation should not cause discomfort and spoil the mood.