Recently, wooden windows everywhereare replaced by modern plastic ones. But their purchase is usually not cheap. Many people want to save money when installing windows. In this article, we'll talk about how to install plastic windows yourself. If you still decide on this, it is worth remembering that it is important to avoid mistakes during installation, otherwise the window will not provide sufficient noise and thermal insulation and prematurely will become unusable.

we install plastic windows ourselves
How to install plastic windows, you can alsoread on various sites. There are described in detail all the stages of installation and errors, which can not be tolerated in any case. Before installing plastic windows, it is better to read more information. One of the most important stages is the window measurement. Its importance is difficult to overestimate, because because of incorrect measurements already from the very beginning you will encounter huge problems associated with the mismatch of the size of the window and the window opening. Another important nuance is that when measuring, it is necessary to take into account the size of the profile and the gap for thermal expansion of the window (this gap, as a rule, is about 0.8 - 1.5 cm). Insufficient clearance or lack of it will result in the passage of moisture, the appearance of fungus.

how to install plastic windows
So, if we install plasticwindows, it is necessary first to dismantle the old window frames and properly clean the window opening from various debris. This is necessary to improve the adhesion of the mounting foam to the surface. Further, as mentioned above, we make measurements. When the window for your measurements is ready and delivered to the site - proceed to installation. We insert the window frame and make its alignment. It is necessary to achieve an ideal placement in a horizontal and vertical position in order to avoid problems with the opening of the leaflets. Further it is necessary to fix the frame with the help of anchor bolts or special plates. Clearances between the frame and the window opening are then filled with a special mounting foam for more sealing and stronger fixation of the fastening. After that, we hang the doors and adjust them, we insert the double-glazed windows. We install the window sill with low tide. Here we are practically and
how to install plastic windows yourself
have finished. The next day, we can only cut off excessively protruding foam, adjust the hinges and trim the slopes. This completes the process of installing the window.

Before installing plastic windowson your own, think carefully about whether the savings are so great in comparison with possible risks. After all, if the windows are incorrectly installed, premature window wear will occur. With an illiterate alignment, the design may become skewed, as a result, drafts will appear due to loose fit of the leaf. Before installing plastic windows, it is necessary to remember that if you install the plastic windows yourself, the manufacturer's warranty is lost. In this case, if there are any claims to the quality of the product or any problems during operation, you will have to solve them yourself.