When it comes time to choose curtains, it's easyLost in the offered fabrics, a variety of accessories and ways of finishing the window. Therefore, first of all, you need to take into account the size and shape of the window and the room in which it is located. The fact that curtains can carry not only the function of decoration or protection from the sun, they are able to visually make the room higher or wider.

how to sew curtains

How to sew curtains so that they emphasize style,created a cosiness and fulfilled its main purpose? Here everything depends on your imagination and artistic inclinations. The color of the curtains may correspond with the furniture upholstery or the shade of the walls. And you can use the game of contrasts. For example, a dark floor, light walls and dark curtains.

Do not just admit one of the main mistakesmany housewives. Do not blindly copy curtains to a neighbor or from a picture of the magazine. Each room has its own purpose, its own interior and its features.

How to sew curtains for a narrow or low room?

If a room with low ceilings, there is morethe classic style will be relevant. That is, light tulle and two straight canvases of curtains. To visually "lift" the ceiling, you need to place the curtain under the ceiling, or even better to use the ceiling curtains.

how to sew beautiful curtains

If you want to on your curtainsthere was a drawing, then you should choose a fabric with a vertical ornament. The best option is a vertical narrow strip that will make your room higher.

In a narrow room, you need to use a reverse reception, that is, the picture on the fabric should be horizontal, it visually "expand" the room. This is clearly seen in the submitted photo.

How to sew curtains with improvised drapery?

This is a very simple and effective way to decoratetheir windows. Here, and sewing especially nothing is required, only to process the edges of the curtains. In addition, this reception perfectly adapts to any style of the room.

curtains with improvised drapery

For draping, you need to pick up lightweight fabrics,which are able to fit independently into beautiful folds. As you can see in the presented photo, there is nothing complicated. Simply use special fasteners, through which the fabric is passed and adjusted as you please. The main thing is that the main curtain does not merge in color with drapery.

How to sew curtains in the style of "cafe"?

This option is usually used for the kitchen. And the options for such curtains are huge. You can use an opaque cloth. At the top of the curtain, detach the through hole and through it to pass the bar or rod.

cafe-style curtains

This is the easiest way to sew curtains. Instead of a simple hole, you can use loops made of fabric that will be fastened with beautiful buttons. Or for fastening to sew the tape and tie it up nicely. Fabric for curtains choose any, depending on your idea. It can be a drawing in a cage, and a beautiful lace, and an organza.

How to sew beautiful curtains using lambrequin?


Lambrequin is a frill that closes beautifullytop curtains. Lambrequins are different: straight, in the form of garlands or trails, trimmed with braid or fringe. If you need a hard-based lambrequin, then a special gasket or wooden frame is used, to which the fabric is attached using a fabric glue or glue.

lambrequin on a special lining

lambrequins with garlands and plumes
Forms of lambrequins are very different, alldepends on the shape of the window and the design of the room. It will be more difficult to make garlands and trains, more precisely to create templates for them. For a garland you need to know its width and depth. And for the plume it is necessary to know its width, internal and external length. To do everything correctly, it is better to refer to training literature or to the same Internet. There you can take a foundation, that is, patterns, and everything else should correspond to your preferences and ideas.