Why is it necessary to adjust the plastic windows? Any customer wants that after the installation of the plastic windows they functioned without any problems. However, it often happens that during their operation, competent tuning is lost. In most such cases, you will be able to adjust the plastic windows with your own hands.

Any manufacturer of plastic windows is notrecommends that they be adjusted independently. Such work, together with the replacement of fittings and their installation, should be carried out only by professional workers. But some of the features of setting up plastic windows should be known to all of their owners.

Adjustment of plastic windows, or, rather, their accessories, is carried out in such cases:

Adjustment of plastic windows

  • The leaf of the window sags, resulting intime of its opening and closing, it clings to the details of the fittings or the frame itself. The reason for this lies in the displacement of the window leaf in the vertical direction.
  • Sometimes the middle part of the sash of the window clings to the frame. Such a breakdown happens as a result of its horizontal displacement.
  • Insufficiently fitting the window to the frame, as a result of which it can be seen from the window.
  • There are problems with the rotation of the handle of the window.

To perform any operation associated with the adjustment of plastic windows, you need a hexagonal 4 mm key.

For setting the window leaf verticallyits lower loop of fittings answers. With its help, you can adjust the movement of the sash down and up from the frame itself, and moving the lower half of the sash to the sides. In order to accurately adjust the lower part of the leaf, you need to turn the lower window screw, which is located on the frame itself. And to adjust the sash of the window in the vertical plane, you need to twist the screw that is located on the leaf itself.

Adjustment of plastic windows with your own hands
For setting the window sash horizontallyupper loop of accessories. This loop adjusts the shift in the sides of the upper part of the leaf relative to the frame. This setting can only be performed when the windows are open. The screw, by means of which such adjustment is carried out, is rotated by means of a hexagonal wrench. The correct position of the sash is checked by closing the window.

For tightly pressing the sash of the window to its framemeet special details of accessories - eccentric. Such details are located along its entire perimeter. To increase the fit of the sash of the window to the frame, the eccentrics rotate clockwise, and to loosen the fit, it is counter-clockwise.

Adjustment of plastic windows
The handle of the plastic window, which loosened up,can be secured by tightening the bolts with which it is held. And in the case when the handle of the plastic window is difficult to turn, you need to lubricate all of its moving parts with engine oil.

Thus, the adjustment of plastic windows -A process that does not require any special skills and is not at all complicated. However, it is necessary to carry out very careful work such as adjusting plastic windows - the instruction to them does not contain any advice for this. Therefore, in the event of the disabling of windows or a separate part thereof, the guarantee for them will automatically be canceled.