How often do we cook cutlets, these juicy, tenderand delicious meat balls, which always look so delicious and smell. Each Russian mistress, without hesitation, will begin to assure that the cutlets are a truly Russian dish, motivating it by the fact that both her mother and grandmother cooked cutlets ten years ago, but this is not so. Cutlets come from France. Hundreds of years ago they were prepared in a very original way. Pork or beef ribs were taken, wrapped in a thick layer of minced meat so that cakes were made, and fried or baked. It is this way of preparation that explains that "cotelette" in French means "rib".

However, after years, a knife appeared on the table andfork, now there was no need for a rib, for which everyone could easily grab a cutlet. Thus, the dish was transformed and began to resemble our favorite modern cutlets. In Russia, the cutlet got back in the time of Peter the Great. In addition, the dish began to be modified, cutlets began to make from fish, seafood, soybeans, and even potatoes.

We prepare tender cutlets from ground beef

The recipe for meatballs from ground beef is simple, but do not assume that mincemeat can only be beef, cutlets from pork-beef mince will also be delicious, however, be more caloric.

It should be noted that choosing beef forcutlets, it is best to buy cattle meat of small age. In other words - young veal will be an excellent grade of meat for cooking this dish.

Why is young beef (veal) better? The reason for this is its better digestibility. Veal is absorbed by 90%, in contrast to beef, assimilated by 75% and pork - by 65%. Beef high in protein and much less fat than in pork.


Young beef - 1 kg,

Onion - 2 large onions,

Potatoes white - 2 pieces (preferably not young and not faded, without black veins and greenery, as in this case it will give the taste of cutlets an unpleasant shade of astringency)

Milk cow 250 ml,

Garlic 9 large cloves,

Spicy mustard - 1 tablespoon with a slide,

Eggs chicken (preferably store, as homemade cutlets will be harder),

Vegetable oil is refined, first grade.



We are preparing to prepare delicate cutlets from ground beef of a young calf:

On the smallest grater, grate the potatoes,garlic and onions, mix them. Veal washed in cold running water and let drain. There should be no moisture and no residue of blood. Turn the meat in the meat grinder 2 times.

Vegetables and minced meat mix thoroughly and let stand10 minutes. After that, take away the stuffing in this way - take 1 fist and throw about the bowl. Fight off all the minced meat, because thanks to this, your cutlets will not have hard areas and will melt in your mouth.

After this the cutting board is wiped with oil. Vleplyat cutlets and put on a board.

Shake the frying pan and pour with vegetable oil. Put the cutlets on a frying pan and cook until ready. Fry all cutlets and put on a flat dish. Before serving, heat the frying pan for 15 minutes, pour a drop of butter into it, fold the cutlets with a slice, pour a little warm water and stew for 5-10 minutes on the smallest fire.

A small secret of cooking cutlets isthe fact that inside each cutlet you can add a piece of butter. During the frying the butter will melt, and the cutlet will become very juicy. Such cutlets are juicy, very soft and will not crumble. Another little trick is the following: if the stuffing is too thick, you can add a little water to it.

Cutlets from ground beef are perfectly combined withmashed potatoes, mushroom sauce and buckwheat. Also cutlets from ground beef can become an excellent addition to fresh vegetable salads and stewed or baked vegetables.