Chicken meat can be called dietarycompared with other types of meat. In addition, the relatively low price makes cooking chicken cutlets more affordable. As a result, we get a tasty, satisfying and relatively easy dish.

I suggest a recipe for minced chicken cutlets withminimum set of ingredients. We take chicken mince and spread it into a plate. If you have a chicken, then separate the flesh from the bones and make minced meat with a meat grinder. We add eggs to it. One kilogram of minced meat requires about two chicken eggs. Pour salt and pepper at will. We mix everything well. Now pour out about three tablespoons of flour. Minced meat and all the ingredients of the dish must be mixed to form a uniform consistency. Now we form cutlets and put them on a frying pan. We pre-heat it and add vegetable oil for frying. Fry patties from all sides. We serve with any side dish and fresh vegetables.

The recipe for minced chicken cutlets is slightly more complicated,supplementing it with other ingredients. Let's cook them with cheese. For this you need to take chicken mince, about 700 grams. Cream cheese is rubbed on a grater (150 grams). We clean the onions and as small as possible shinkuem. Now these products must be mixed. In the resulting mixture, add the egg and two tablespoons of any starch. Further very finely shred parsley and also pour into minced meat. Spices and salt are added to your liking. You can start frying chicken cutlets. We put a frying pan on the fire and pour oil into it. We form cutlets, sprinkle them with breadcrumbs and put them on a frying pan. Cooking on each side until the appearance of a delicious crust. You can also put the cutlets on a baking tray and bake them in the oven for 20 minutes from all sides.

The following recipe for minced chicken cutlets - withmushrooms. We will need chicken minced meat. Add to it a chicken egg and spices. Champignons must be boiled or fried in butter. We take a bit of minced meat and make a layer of it. In the middle we spread the filling. If boiled mushrooms, then you need to add a small piece of butter. We wrap the stuffing in minced meat and form cutlets. Now fry them in a frying pan or in the oven. On the side dish you can cook mashed potatoes and serve green peas.

The options for making chicken cutlets are verya lot of. This meat is well combined with different products. The recipe for chicken cutlets with rice allows you to make a nutritious dish very quickly. Pre-boil the rice. Take the chicken breasts and make minced meat from them using a meat grinder. Also we pass through the meat grinder onion and a little bread, which is soaked in milk (if there is no milk, use plain water). Add spices and eggs to this mixture. We mix everything well. Now you need to add the boiled rice. Once again we mix the workpiece for cutlets. We make cutlets and fry them, using vegetable oil, from all sides. Then make fire less and cover them with a lid. A ready-made dish is served with vegetables. This is a recipe for chicken cutlets from chicken mince, they are used and in a cold form, because this meat is not fat.

If you add inside the cutlets stuffing, thenzrazy are obtained from chicken ground meat. As a filling I recommend using mushrooms fried with onions. The boiled egg is well combined with chicken forcemeat, sliced ​​and mixed with green onions. I also suggest chopped cutlets. To do this, take the chicken fillet and cut it into small cubes or straws. Then add the chicken egg and flour. Add salt and any spices. Mix this mixture with chopped chicken. Spread a spoon on a frying pan and fry from all sides. Served with garnish and vegetables. Choose any recipe and treat your relatives.