One of the simplest dishes that can becook chicken, are cutlets. Most often they are fried in a frying pan, but also steamed. Cutlets can be made simply from chicken fillet with onion and salt, or you can use other ingredients and even make them with different fillings. For example, with mushrooms, boiled eggs, onions and potatoes, etc.

Chicken cutlets

700 g of chicken thighs, rinse, separate the fillets from theBones, skin and tendons, twisted into minced meat through a meat grinder. Keep it in the refrigerator for half an hour. Mix with chilled 150 ml of cream. Add spices for chicken, chopped finely greens, peppers, garlic, salt. Stir and place for another half an hour in the refrigerator. Fry in vegetable and butter.

Chicken cutlets with mushrooms

Chicken fillet through a meat grinder, addsalt, pepper. Form cakes, in the center of which lay out the forcemeat. For its preparation boil 250 g of dried mushrooms, finely chopped. Add a chopped onion and toasted chopped walnuts. The edges of the flat cakes are joined together, giving an oval shape. Pan in white breadcrumbs and fry in deep-fried.

Chicken cutlets on milk

Half the chicken: with her to remove the skin, to separate the bones. Twice pass the fillet through a meat grinder. When twisting for the second time, add fried mushrooms (200 g) with onions. Soak 80 g of pulp of white bread in half a glass of milk. In the mince add 40 g of butter, salt, egg and mix. Form the cutlets, roll them properly in breadcrumbs (breadcrumbs) and fry in warmed fat.

Chicken cutlets with cabbage

Pound the chicken fillet in a meat grinder,combine with finely chopped onions and half a kilogram of cabbage. Salt and mix with spices. Form the minced meatballs, roll in flour and fry in a pan.

Chicken cutlets with onions and greens

A chicken fillet weighing a pound slightly frozen andthen cut into small cubes. Peel 3 onions, grind. Mix onion, chicken and egg. Add salt, 40 g of starch, greens, mayonnaise and pepper. Put half-hour stuffing in the refrigerator. With a tablespoon, spread the patties on a frying pan and fry in vegetable oil. Lay them after frying on a paper towel so that it absorbs excess fat. Serve with garnish.

Chicken cutlets with onions and potatoes

Kilogram of chicken forcemeat put in a bowl,mixed with grated on a small grater onion and soaked in water three slices of stale white bread without a peel. Lose 2 potatoes. Put them, as well as salt and pepper into minced meat and mix. Add half a cup of water. Form the minced meatballs, put on a board, covered with a film and sprinkled with flour, for an hour put in the refrigerator. Fry on high heat in cream and vegetable oil. Finished cutlets put in a saucepan, cover and cover for half an hour.

Steam chicken cutlets

To make half a hen weighing 700 g, taking off the skinand removing the bones from which to boil the broth. Flesh and soaked in milk crumb white bread to pass through a meat grinder. Stuff stuffing with a softened butter and cream. To stir thoroughly. Forcemeat, cook small cutlets. Lubricate the saucepan with creamy butter, put the cutlets and pour in the broth. Cover the dishes with a lid and put on a small fire. Cook for 15 minutes. Dispense the patties on a plate and pour with melted butter.

Chicken steamed chicken with boiled egg

700 grams of chicken breasts to scroll together withbulb through a meat grinder twice. Mix with raw egg, pepper, salt and a handful of flour. Chop two hard boiled eggs. On the chopping board, pour in the flour to roll the cutlets. From the stuffing to form pancakes, place on them a boiled egg and butter, salt, and then turn into cutlets. Roll them in flour and put them in a steamer. Cook for 25 minutes.