Often after a feast and a holiday fridgecontinues to burst from the surplus food, cooked by a generous hostess. Especially a lot remains of mashed potatoes from which you need to quickly "get rid", so as not to be lost. Of course, you can warm it up and eat it in the form in which it is, but you can "include" the imagination and cook something from it. Try to make cutlets from potatoes. Their recipe is simple, and the time for cooking will be less than for the frying of ordinary meatballs. Of course, if you do not have any sticks, then you can specially cook it, then to dazzle and fry delicious "kolobochki."

Cutlets from mashed potatoes

So, cook and light ten mediumpotato. In the resulting mass, beat three raw eggs, put a couple of tablespoons of creamy softened butter and flour, add and mix a bit. Next, in separate bowls, pour breadcrumbs and break one egg. We form cutlets from mashed potatoes, dipped them first in a little beaten egg, then dipped into crackers and sent to fry in a skillet with sunflower oil warmed. To the table is good to serve with a sauce of mushrooms or with sour cream. Such yummy will be eaten with much more pleasure than the usual "dull" yesterday's mashed potatoes.

And you can even cook cutlets from potatoes and minced meat. The dish is very interesting,

Cutlets from potatoes and minced meat
although there are no unusual components in it. All that is needed is, actually, mashed potatoes, half a kilo of minced meat (you can buy ready, and you can make it yourself by twisting meat), some milk, a slice of bread or bun, a glass or two yogurt and a couple of eggs. If desired, you can add onions. We cook the usual meat cutlets, mixing the forcemeat, soaked in milk or water, a roll and a bulb twisted by a meat grinder. Solim, lightly pepper and fry in oil. To further prepare our cutlets from mashed potatoes and minced meat, you need to take a baking sheet, on which you usually bake pies, and lubricate well with oil inside. Now half of the carrot is packed on this form and we put the ready-made cutlets on top of it. Second half
cutlets from a potato recipe
pounded potatoes will go to cover dishes from the top. As soon as no cutlets are seen under the potatoes, grease the resulting "pie" with butter and pour well sauce from beaten eggs and kefir. After that, put the food in a hot oven, so that it is baked to an amber-golden crust. Kefir-egg sauce should be completely absorbed. That's all, cutlets from mashed potatoes and minced meat are ready to be eaten immediately.

You can make another version of the dish. If there is a little stuffing (grams 200-300), it can be fried with onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, bell pepper and any other vegetables. You can and without vegetables, if they are not. From a very thick mashed potatoes, in which one egg can be hammered, we sculpt the balls, we make grooves in the middle, into which we lay the meat filling with a teaspoon. Balls zalepllyaem, crumbled in flour and then fried on both sides in a skillet with red-hot lean oil. Delicious cutlets from mashed potatoes with filling are ready, they only need to be served with sour cream or mushroom sauce.