Cutlets can rightly be called one of the mostfavorite home dishes. Such popularity is won thanks to taste qualities, and mistresses love it for simplicity and speed of preparation. So, simply and quickly, frying appetizing, tasty and juicy cutlets, you can please the home. How to cook minced meatballs? For this, there are a great many recipes, as well as a variety of products. Cutlets can be cooked even from vegetables, fruits and cereals. But minced meat is a classic. In the article it will be just about the classic version of cooking all your favorite meatballs from minced meat.

Those who do not know how to cook cutlets from minced meat, believe that cooking takes a lot of time. This is not true. In order to be convinced of this, it is enough just to try.

Before you make minced meatballs,should prepare the product itself. You need meat or minced meat, that is, twisted meat, a bit stale bread, eggs, milk, garlic, onions, salt and seasonings, as well as a little flour or breadcrumbs for frying.

It is worth noting that cooked independentlystuffing, much more delicious will be in cutlets than bought in the store. To buy it is necessary to resort only in a case if time does not suffer, for example, arrival of visitors is expected. So, before preparing chops from minced meat, you need to prepare the meat mass itself. As a rule, pork, a mixture of beef and pork, and poultry are most often used. Important point: in order to make the cutlets juicy, you need to make minced meat fat. For this purpose, you can add a little fat. If there is no desire to add lard, the juiciness of cutlets can be achieved by placing a small piece of butter in the middle.

Meat is twisted in a meat grinder. In the same way, the onion, bread, which before it was well soaked in milk, can be added in a similar way, you can add a little fresh potatoes, as the starch in the potato will make the cutlets magnificent. In the mass after that, you need to add eggs, spices, much flour or semolina. Some add mustard in minced meat, mayonnaise - it's a matter of taste and individual preferences. As already mentioned, recipes that advise how to fry cutlets from minced meat, a huge amount.

In many respects the splendor and tenderness of cutlets depends ontime of its vymeshivaniya. The more time to devote to this process, the more delicious and lush they will be. Stirring movements should be something like whipping. You can also apply the rollover method. The best chefs do this: raise the mass above the plate and drop it sharply. And so several times. The longer, the more delicious the dish will turn out.

After the procedure for cooking stuffingfinished, you can proceed directly to the formation and frying of the cutlets themselves. Before frying minced meatballs, they must be formed. Hands should be moistened in water and do this throughout the process of modeling, so that the meat mass does not stick. The shape of the cutlets is usually round or oval. Before roasting, it is recommended to roll the product in a small amount of flour or breadcrumbs. For better roasting, you can make a blunt side of the groove knife.

Now it's worth going directly to the question,how to fry cutlets from minced meat. Spread them on a heated frying pan. Between the cutlets there must be a distance for the convenience of turning them over. The process of frying is not long. It is necessary to fry them on one side, then turn them over and bring them to readiness under the lid, that is, put it out a little. In order to check whether it is possible to eat a cutlet, you need to put a little pressure on it, and if a clear juice comes out, everything is ready.

After cooking, you can add a side dish in the form of rice, buckwheat porridge, salad and serve on the table. Bon Appetit!