Meat of turkey is a useful hippoallergenica product that can be eaten without age restrictions. Today many mothers prefer the turkey as the first meat product for the baby. In the elderly, when the use of fatty pork and beef meat is recommended to reduce, the turkey can be an excellent alternative to these products, since it contains significantly less cholesterol and fat.

There are many varieties of turkey meat dishes. For example, it can be used to make such a popular and loved by everyone dish as cutlets, and they will turn out very tender and juicy.

To cook cutlets from turkey, you canuse ready-made shop stuffing, but it's better to cook this semi-finished product yourself. In this case, for stuffing it is worth using different parts of the carcass, that is, to mix the meat from the brisket and from the shank of the turkey. Then the forcemeat will turn out to the measure juicy and fat. Of course, you can use only one type of meat, but from the same breast cutlets can turn out to be rather dry.

In addition to minced meat for cooking dishes "cutlets fromturkey "will require the following products: white bread or loaf, milk, onions and other seasonings to taste.That is, we will cook the cutlet mincemeat in the same way as if making cutlets from meat.The only exception, in cutlets from turkey is not worth adding raw egg, otherwise they will turn harsh.

In the rest, you need to act the same way as cooking regular cutlets. Surely, every culinary has some favorite additions to minced meat. For example, fresh greens or garlic.

Ready, well-mixed minced meat should be discarded. Of course, for this operation, you do not need to use a hammer to beat. With minced meat is much easier. We take a bunch of minced meat and forcefully throw it into a bowl. To do so it is necessary time 10-12, such operation helps to make cutlets more tenderly, and it concerns to any kind of forcemeat, including from meat.

The chopped minced meat should be divided into cutlets, foldedthem on a board, cover with a food film and put in the refrigerator for half an hour to "ripen." Then cutlets are breaded in flour or breadcrumbs and fried in oil.

The above recipe is a classic option, but there are many other ways to cook cutlets from turkey.

For example, for those who adhere to a diet,fried cutlets are undesirable, and the addition of minced bread contributes to increased caloric content. In this case, it is necessary to cook baked in the oven or steam cutlets from turkey, the recipe of which does not contain bread. In dietary cutlets instead of rolls, you can put fresh cabbage or zucchini, previously shredded in a blender. Such cutlets from vegetables and meat, cooked for a couple, you can eat and kids after a year and a half.

I must say that cutlets from minced turkey can becook and on the festive table. For example, you can make them "under a fur coat." To do this, ready cutlets (it is better to make them round) are laid out in a greased baking sheet, on top of each laid a circle of fresh tomato and a ring of Bulgarian pepper. Then, over the vegetables, the grind is filled with grated cheese. The dish is baked in the oven until the cheese melts. This option is convenient because burgers can be cooked a few hours before the arrival of guests, and bake already immediately before serving.

You can cook cutlets with a filling, for example,When forming, wrap each in a slice of ham and cheese, you will get a variation on the theme of the dish "cordon blue." Or make them with a mushroom filling, putting out fresh or boiled dried mushrooms in oil. If you submit to such stuffed cutlets an exquisite sauce, for example, cranberry, then the dish will be able to occupy the most worthy place on the festive table.