Dishes from chopped meat or minced meat are present inany kitchen in the world. They differ in different composition, form and method of preparation. Russian cuisine can offer cutlets, cobbles and zrazy. All this stuff is stuffed. You can buy it already ready. But from experience I know that cutlets from homemade meat are much tastier. It seems that you buy good meat, and you do everything the same, but no, not that. Because it is better to spend a few extra minutes to prepare forcemeat. Interestingly, the more varieties of meat in it are mixed, the more delicious and juicy the cutlets are.

minced meat cutlets
If meat is lean, then you can add up to 1/3twisted fat. Then cutlets from homemade minced meat will become more juicy. That they are not heavily stuck, often add a little bread. Take wheaten or rye, to taste, but necessarily stale (soft and fresh will give the cutlets an unpleasant stickiness). If you do not pass through the meat grinder, cut the crust and soak for a few minutes in water or milk. When it becomes soft, mash and add to the mixture. This simple method also makes cutlets from homemade minced meat more juicy and lush.

recipes for cooking cutlets
Some recipes for cooking cutlets adviseadd a little vegetables. Almost always in onions add onions. Its quantity depends on tastes and preferences. Some housewives put it to half the volume of meat, others are limited to two or three bulbs. Do you want the cutlets from homemade meat to be even more magnificent and juicier? Then it is best to rub the onion on a fine grater or turn into a blender in a homogeneous puree. You can, of course, twist together with the meat in the meat grinder, but the effect is not the same. Another flavor shade will be obtained if the onion is fried to a golden color, and only then grind and add to the mixture.

Sometimes in the cutlet minced meat, vegetables are added: cabbage, carrots, zucchini, beets, potatoes, pumpkin. They can be put separately, you can have several types at once, but in any case they should be ground very finely. The amount of vegetables that you add to the mixture can also be different.

Often in the recipes for minced meat for chops is presentsour cream, milk or kefir. Then you need to be more careful. If milk can be added without special fears, kefir and sour cream in large quantities can give the cutlets an acidic taste. And do not necessarily add eggs. They, of course, facilitate roasting cutlets, but they make them much harder and harder.

recipe for cooking cutlets
To make the products well molded, minced meat is neededcarefully knead to make it homogeneous. There must be enough fat or liquid in it, so that it is not cloddy. When making cutlets, slap a portion of meat a few times, throwing it from the palm of your hand to your hand, and only then give it a shape.

If you gave the stuffing an oblong look, then thiscutlet. If you did something round and flatter, it's a cue ball. If you put stuffing in the middle of a flat cake (for example, a piece of boiled egg, a piece of cheese, etc.), and then form a cutlet, then zrazy will be obtained.

Do not forget about spices. Traditionally, minced meat cutlets are added with salt and black ground pepper. Sometimes garlic, ground coriander, hops-suneli, basil, thyme, turmeric, ground ginger, paprika. You can add more spices that you like more. Adding new ingredients to your favorite recipe for cooking cutlets, each time you get a new taste and a different dish.