Delicious minced meat patties are a greata variety of recipes and cooking options. Meatballs, croissants, rolls, meatballs, zrazy - all of them can become an ornament of your daily diet. Many mistresses think that they know how to cook delicious cutlets from minced meat best of all. In fact, even in the process of preparing such a simple dish, where everything just needs to mix the ingredients and fry the pieces of this mass, there are many different nuances.

First, it is worth considering how to achievesucculence. Tasty minced meat patties are an unattainable height for Soviet canteens. And all because cooks then used too much breadcrumbs and bread in the process of preparation, and also saved on meat (only its hard parts were taken). Professionals, of course, recommend to prepare forcemeat independently, and not to buy it in stores. Usually, beef tenderloin is used (neck, shoulder blade, backrest, brisket). Fat pork is also able to give a dish juiciness. And you can take a pound of pork and a kilogram of beef. However, delicious cutlets from chicken mince, turkey meat, veal or game are also not uncommon.

As for the eggs, many argue whether to addthem in minced meat. Undoubtedly, only from the calculation of three pieces per kilogram of meat. If you put more, the final product will turn out to be tough. Mistresses always add minced onions, preferably pre-chilled or salted.

The most important component in this case isbread. Delicious minced meatballs without it can not be cooked. He appeared in this dish is not at all a desire to save. In fact, soaked bread can make cutlets tender and soft. Remember the proportions. Culinary experts recommend a kilo of meat to take no more than 250 grams of white bread and 300 grams of milk or water. In the case of chicken cutlets, all these ingredients will need less. Baton should be used yesterday, that is, slightly dried, but not fresh. Sometimes a piece of bread is replaced with raw potatoes. Be sure to add minced seasonings (chili, coriander, black pepper, paprika), herbs (mint, cilantro, dill or parsley). Salt it before frying. Do it by your own eyes, but do not try to try mincemeat for salt. This can lead to severe poisoning, since raw meat is not recommended.

Tasty minced meat patties are always prepared inbreaded. And you can use not necessarily biscuits. Try to fry the cutlets in Llezon. To do this, three eggs beat with salt and two tablespoons of milk. After that, cutlets must be rolled in flour, then - in Llezon, and only then in bread crumbs or breadcrumbs.

Products should be placed only on the hotfrying pan with already hot oil. And, if fried cutlets on melted cream, they will turn out much more tenderly than on vegetable. Place products need to be far apart. Otherwise, cutlets will be allowed to juice, and from that moment they will not cook at all, but simply stew. Turn them no more than two or three times.

And, finally, a recipe for delicious cutlets fromground beef in the oven. After all, they can be cooked not only in a skillet. And in this case, the products will be dietary. Take a kilo of minced meat (own preparation or purchased). If you choose the second option, you need to add finely chopped onion, melted cheese, soaked bread crumb, you can grate the carrots, two raw eggs and seasonings. Form from the prepared minced oblong cakes, not too thin, so as not to burn. Place them on a baking sheet, after which you need to grease them with mayonnaise or sour cream and sprinkle with cheese. You can also use the circles of fresh tomatoes. Send all this splendor to the oven for about 40 minutes.

Delicious recipes from minced meat are varied. But knowing at least a couple, you can make life easier for yourself, as a housewife, and also please the household.