Cutlets from minced meat are a favoritea dish of many of us. Personally, I'm ready to eat cutlets for dinner every day. Despite the popularity of this dish, not everyone knows how to cook cutlets from minced meat, so I want to present you a few recipes with a detailed description of each stage.

Recipe 1. For cutlets, we need 250 grams of pork without boneless meat, 250 grams of beef, 1 large onion, 1 egg for a bunch, a slice of white bread (so cutlets turn out to be magnificent and soft), a little salt and pepper for lovers sharper, crackers for breading ready-made cutlets.

So, first, let's skip meat, bread and onions throughmeat grinder. I use an electric and a half kilogram of meat for about 7 minutes. Then add the egg and salt to the minced meat and mix it properly so that the salt is distributed throughout the mass. Then I form cutlets in the form of an elongated oval, panning in breadcrumbs, slightly leveling the edges and sides with a wooden spatula and sending it to freeze. When the cutlets get a little stiff, I take them out and fry them in vegetable oil from both sides to a golden crust. When you do not feel like eating fried, I cook cutlets for a couple - it's also very tasty. Previously, I also did not know how to make minced meatballs, and now, it seems to me, there is nothing easier than cooking this meat dish.

The ideal side dish for such cutlets, of course,will become mashed potatoes. It goes well with them and porridge, especially oatmeal or buckwheat. Familiar as a side dish to cutlets always prepares porridge from several cereals, for example oatmeal, peas, wheat cereals and rice. As you like.

Recipe 2. If you have very little meat in stock, but still want a cutlet, I suggest preparing minced meatballs with minced potatoes. For cooking, we need 300 grams of homemade meat (beef + pork), 1 large onion, 2 raw potatoes, a slice of white bread or a loaf, salt and greens at will, and, of course, breadcrumbs, where are they without them. By the way, cutlets can be cheaper if you replace a portion of minced meat with chicken minced meat, so you will get dietary cutlets, which taste is not inferior to beef or pork.

We pass through a meat grinder potatoes, bread and onions,combine with minced meat, salt and mix. Then add the egg, it binds the forcemeat and prevents the cutlets from falling apart during the frying. From the ready cutlet minced meat we form cutlets, bread them in breadcrumbs and fry, well, or cook for a couple. If you have digestive problems, cook only for a couple.

As a side dish, you can also make mashed potatoes, porridge or vegetable stew. There are lots of options, there would be a desire.

In general, the question "how to cook cutlets from minced meat?" Is asked by many, although nothing complicated in this, just worth a try.

Recipe 3. Cutlets can be made only from pure pork. Therefore, I propose a recipe for cutlets from minced pork. To do this, we need 600 grams of pork, two slices of white bread (they must be soaked in milk beforehand), 1 egg, a garlic clove, one large onion, salt and spices at will. Together with pork we pass through a meat grinder onions, bread soaked in milk bread and garlic. Mix everything, salt and add the egg, mix again. The stuffing is ready. We form cutlets, bread them in breadcrumbs and fry in vegetable oil. If the pork was oily, it is better to cook chops for a couple, then there was no gravity in the stomach.

It should be noted that cabbage as a garnishto pork cutlets will not work, because together they are quite heavy food, especially for children. It is best to cook oatmeal on water, mashed potatoes on milk or simply boil pasta.

Well, now you know how to cook cutlets from minced meat quickly and delicious, and most importantly, without preservatives and flavor enhancers. Bon appetit and be healthy!