In recent years, our compatriots havethe most popular are warmed loggias and balconies. It is understandable: no one will refuse to increase their living space practically free of charge. There's only one problem ...

than insulate the balcony from the inside
Initially, the loggia was designed as a cold room, and therefore in winter it is unlikely to be comfortable. Today we will consider how to insulate the balcony from the inside.

Firstly, when preparing a loggia for the role of living quarters, you should take care of the parapet. Remember that in this case it should be made of brick, concrete slab or foam block.

In no case can not insulate the metal parapet. Not knowing how to insulate the balcony from the inside, look into its glazing: in this role only PVC double-glazed windows can be used.

After this, it is necessary to carefullyFind and eliminate all the cracks through which cold air can enter. It is best to seal them with a mounting foam. Once again, carefully check the repaired surface for leaks and cracks.

Note that the insulation is made "around": start from the ceiling, and finish with the floor. So than insulate the balcony from the inside?

 the better to insulate the balcony from the inside
Excellent for this purpose polystyrene XPS (as the main thermal insulation), as well as foil-insolated. The latter serves not only as a heater, but also as a vapor barrier.

Note that warm air from the room in no wayThe case should not pass under a heater, as the moisture contained in it will instantly condense there. First it will lead to icing, and in the warm season there will be abundantly spread mold and a huge amount of fungus.

Note that the pieces of expanded polystyrene are at the edges"Stairs" for convenient fastening with each other. If this connection is not possible, the sheets should be joined, filling the gaps between them with mounting foam. On the wall polystyrene is fastened using dowel-nails. So how and what to insulate the balcony from the inside?

To use dowels, you need firstdrill holes in it and in the wall. Only one or two dowels are used to fix one sheet. All the resulting seams are either poured with a mounting foam, or are glued with a construction tape.

Before correctly insulating the balcony from the inside, you need to think about how to ensure the integrity of the vapor barrier layer. Let's consider the whole process in more detail.

First, the roll of isolon must be rolled out, then cut into pieces, guided by previously taken measurements. On the reverse side of the pieces you need to paste a double-sided tape.

how to properly insulate the balcony from the inside

After that, the entire structure is gently glued to the foam packaged in advance. Attention! It is necessary to avoid in every possible way that the material lays on each other overlapping.

After that, all the seams need to be properly gluedfoil tape. As a result, you get a kind of "thermos", perfectly protected from the street cold! In addition, through such an insulating layer will not fall not only cold air, but also dirt and moisture from the street.

So you learned about the better insulating the balcony from the inside. As you can see, this process will take very little time and money from you.