The attic is much more prone to cooling,rather than the other premises of the house, because there is not so-called "heat cushion" over it, that is, the area of ​​its contact with the external environment is much larger than that of other rooms. Therefore, many owners of a residential attic are wondering - how to insulate the attic? This process must be approached with special care.

Consider how to insulate the attic. As a heater, different materials are used: mineral wool, glass wool in bags, alabaster blocks, but it is best to insulate with fibreboard (MDF). Such plate thickness of 12 mm in terms of its thermal characteristics is equal to the brick wall. The fiberboard is also an excellent soundproofing material.

How to insulate an attic with a fiberboard? It is not so difficult, because wood-fiber plates when they heat walls, ceilings and floors do not require any additional materials and time. Fibers have a different thickness, they are easy to cut, because it is essentially a soft and light material. It does not deform under the influence of humidity and from temperature changes. By the way, it is convenient to glue wallpaper on a fiberboard.

The upholstery of wooden walls with this material canexecute one person. The sizes of plates vary. The average size of one slab is 250 by 122 cm. The length of the nails with which the fiberboard is nailed to the walls must be at least 35 mm. It is recommended to hammer nails in staggered order. Fibers are nailed right to the rafters. The nails must be galvanized. If the distance between the rafters is too large, additional brusks are installed between them, to which the insulation material is fixed. The insulation panels must be in tight contact with each other, the joints are sealed with special material for insulation of seams, adhesive tape or foil.

It is more difficult to beat the ceiling. Plates are applied to the ceiling and supported by special T-shaped supports. When the ceiling is upholstery, it is advisable to use safety glasses for obvious reasons. For the electrical wiring in the fiberboard, you can cut the grooves.

The floor of the attic is insulated with roofing felt and roofing paper in twolayer, on which fiberboard M-20 and PT-100 are applied. A good floor insulation is carpeting, which is often covered in the floor in hotel rooms and corridors. Thanks to a special composition, which impregnated carpet, it can easily be wiped with a damp cloth and use cleaning agents. The carpet is glued with a bush to the fiberboard.

Consider some points that will helpunderstand how to properly insulate the attic. External work on the insulation of the roof of the attic must be done only in dry weather. Before the upholstery of fiberboard panels it is necessary to carefully inspect the walls of the room. If the wall is wooden, then it must be treated with some antiseptic. The metal surfaces are treated with an anticorrosive primer. If there are wet places, they must be dried, if there are damages in the sections of the structure - replace them.

The surface of the wall that will be upholsteredmaterial, it must be flat, then there will be no obstacles for air circulation. If the wall has irregularities, it is leveled with the help of a crate. In this case, a gap of approximately 2 cm is left between the heating material and the roof. Ventilation holes for each 10 sq. M are made at the bottom and top of the roof. meters.

How to insulate the attic with the help of other means? To install them often need special devices. For example, to insulate an attic room with an eco-wool, a special installation is needed, grinding the packets of material and blowing the particles between the cavities with the help of a compressor.

Now you know how to insulate the attic with your own hands.