For many, it is important and relevantthe question is: "How to insulate the floor in a private house?". This is due to the fact that usually such surfaces have insufficient heat retention values, so it is important to make maximum efforts to correct the situation. After carrying out the appropriate work, dwelling in the dwelling will become much more comfortable due to the warm floor. So, how to insulate the floor in a private house?

How to insulate the floor in a private house

Methods for this currently existmany, however, as the most common one can be called warming by means of a deck of insulating linoleum of special composition. Wood-fiber plates are also often used as a means of insulation, then they are laid the laying of the main floor covering, which can be a plank floor.


Usually hosts are more worried about sex on the firstfloor, as in the cold season it cools down most quickly. Most homeowners solve this problem by plastering the foundation, and also by closing the ventilation holes for the winter period.

It is often enough for insulation useddouble flooring. The first layer in this case is the rough floor, which is assembled from planks attached to the beams. The main secret of this warming consists in a very tight fit of the boards and beams to each other, which serves as an excellent obstacle for cold air to enter the house. The floor can also be insulated with carpeting. Such material has excellent thermal insulation, and the advantage is that it is simply enough to be fixed to the floor with a special glue, that is, it will be possible to heat this part of the building even after the construction is completed.

Than to warm the floor
If you are wondering how to insulate the floor in a privatehouse, you can say that this is done through a fiberboard. The problem is that in an already constructed building, such an operation is problematic enough. This is due to the fact that before the start of work it is necessary to conduct a number of operations for preparation. For example, you may need to remove the skirting boards. The fiberboard is usually attached directly to the logs, after which carpeting is applied to this material.

Talking about what to insulate the floor, do not forgetand about such a modern popular system as the warm floor. Here, comfort is provided by the heating cable laid in the concrete floor, which is included in the usual electrical network. It is quite easy to make it: lay the aluminum foil on the floor base and then pour it with concrete. The heating cable is laid on top. Then you can lay out the tiled floor or lay a special laminate. This way of warming allows you to independently regulate the temperature in the room. And the repair of this system is simple enough.

It is clear that these are not all options for how to insulate the floor in a private house, but the most common ones are listed above.