Establishing a sound front door, we are trying tosolve the two most important problems - to ensure safety and warmth. And if the majority of manufacturers of metal doors cope with the first of the listed tasks, then the second one has to make some efforts independently. So, how to insulate the entrance metal door yourself?

to insulate the entrance metal door

Warming of the door

Actually make it so that the metalthe door did not let the cold outside, it was quite difficult. It is much easier to cope with such a task wooden doors. Wooden linens are considered by themselves to be the warmest, which means that their warming does not cause much trouble. In a specialized store where you can buy a metal door that corresponds exactly to your doorway, it is quite difficult, you can ask about the possibility of making it to order. But in this case, you should not be sure that it will prevent heat loss, as well as prevent the penetration of cold outside. Slow down the process of heat leakage by installing an additional door inside the room. However, this option, especially in small apartments, is not very convenient. The vestibule formed between the doors serves as an ideal obstacle for cold air from the outside. Despite the reliability of this time-tested option, double doors slowly lose their popularity. The consumer prefers to fight with the wind blowing in the cracks in an alternative way - by isolating or sealing the space between the box and the door.

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Door Seal

It turned out to choose a metal door thatwould be tightly "sitting" in the doorway, quite difficult. To achieve the desired result, additional measures are necessary to eliminate the smallest gaps. The simplest way of insulation is sealing rubber. With a rubber sealer, you can easily insulate the entrance metal door. It must be glued along the perimeter of the frame of the doorway. The dimensions of the seal should correspond to the width of the folds (the area of ​​contact between the door and the frame) and the length of the insulated area. The thickness of the rubber used must correspond to the gap between the rebate and the door leaf. The parameters of the seal can be found in the following way. Or an ordinary plasticine or elastic putty to attach to the frame and close the door. The formed roller will show the exact thickness of the required sealant. It is quite easy to glue such rubber. It is only necessary to separate the adhesive tape accompanying the seal and glue the rubber around the perimeter of the frame, pressing tightly against the folds.

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How to thoroughly insulate the entrance metal door?

Iron doors have to be insulated not only byperimeter of the frame. The fact is that ordinary metal doors have an empty void inside. And cold metal, which, as a rule, is not duplicated from inside, lets the cold pass without any obstacles. And in order to insulate the entrance metal door, you have to trim the canvas with decorative material. The most suitable material in this case is polystyrene. It must be cut into rectangles, which in aggregate will correspond to the parameters of the door leaf. On liquid nails are pasted all the prepared "puzzles". Insignificant cracks between the heater can be filled with a mounting foam. Next veiliruem warmed door leaf laminate or laminated fiberboard, screwing it with screws to the corner.