The question of how to insulate the garage is a sign of manycar owners. Especially it is relevant for owners of metal garages. The frame of such a garage at best is only a fence, as well as a car roof, but there is no heating in it. Therefore, many owners of garages are trying to find a method of insulation of the ceiling and walls. In addition, during installation, it is necessary to take into account the fact that in the metal garage there is a constant temperature drop, which in turn leads to condensation on the walls, causing rust. In addition, the condensate is unpleasantly reflected on the condition of the car.

How to insulate a metal garage

Car owners try to cover the wallsthermal insulation material, and also insulate the ceiling. Some even spend in the garage heating. But still the question of choosing the material by which the garage will be insulated remains open.

How to insulate the garage? Sometimes the inner lining is carried out by placing the wall in half a brick. This wall must be plastered with lime-cement mortar. In this way, you not only insulate the garage, but also eliminate the cracks between the metal sheets. Such a cladding will be a kind of absorber of moisture.

For the same purposes, woodyfacing, but at the same time the moisture of the tree should not exceed 23%, otherwise it will start to rot. The wood must first be treated with special compounds in order to reduce its inflammability. But it is required to carry out painting after laying the wall covering. The treatment is carried out with non-waterproof compositions, such as, for example, chloride paint or silicate, sulphite-clay or superphosphate.

But even with all the requirements, it is impossible to completely eliminate possible sources of ignition, which are mainly explained by the human factor.

To reduce the risk, it is necessary to treat the wooden material with a plaster thickness of 2 centimeters or cover with asbestos or felt cover.

How to insulate the garage? Choose one of the types of classical heat insulator that will be used for insulation, for example:

- fiberglass - is produced during the processing of broken glass;

- mineral wool - are obtained by the method of melting rock (basalt);

- polymer - is obtained as a result of extrusion of polymers.

How to insulate an iron garage? There are recommendations for the insulation of the garage with foam. Advantages of this material are its incombustibility due to the fire retardant that contributes to self-extinguishing, as well as waterproofness. In addition, prices for polystyrene are relatively low and, he is not afraid of fungus, and also is not prone to rot. Therefore, perhaps, this is the most optimal version of insulation.

How to insulate the garage? Start with the floor. Cover it with a thimplex, a material that withstands a wide temperature range (-50 - + 75 °), is highly resistant to compression or bending. And from above make a coupler.

When the ceiling and walls are insulated with polystyrene foamit is necessary to lay out two layers of polystyrene (at a thickness of 5 cm) in a staggered manner, while it is necessary to monitor the mismatch of the joints. And in advance it is necessary to make a lath by a bar, having fixed it on a metal skeleton of garage. Blocks of foam are glued to liquid nails.

After that, you can make a plywood or chipboard paneling, as well as lining. But remember that these materials are fire hazardous.

In addition to walls and ceiling, it is necessary to conduct the insulation of the gates with the same foam and pre-lathing. Finally do not forget to treat the joints with insulating tape (self-adhesive tape).