If the walls of the apartment or house freeze, thisbecomes a real problem for tenants. Condensate, which is formed in such cases on the surface, causes mold and various fungi to appear, while the type of finish does not matter. Moisture also penetrates into the wall, because of which it quickly collapses. When there are signs of mold, many owners are thinking about how to insulate the wall from the inside to get rid of this problem.

How to insulate a wall from the inside
It is worth saying that the cosmetic repair of the wallsapartment or house usually gives the result for a very short time. And the use of different antiseptics is also not able to solve this problem qualitatively. Discharge of condensate is possible only if the cause of its appearance is eliminated, that is, the freezing of the walls.

How to insulate a wall from the inside: options

Warming of the facade of the house
Naturally, this question bothers manyowners of houses or apartments, as there is an abundance of materials on the market that can help in solving this problem. When choosing a material for insulation, it is important to know about certain nuances. When laying any kind of thermal insulation inside the room, the depth of freezing increases, and the temperature of the wall surface from the inside becomes noticeably lower. When deciding how to insulate a wall from the inside, it is important to exclude the penetration of air to the surface of the insulated wall. If this is not done, then an abundant condensation will be obtained on the surface of the walls, which makes all the work done absolutely meaningless. If the lath, oriented to fixing the heater, is incorrectly installed, there may be "cold bridges". Under all elements should be placed thermal insulation material, and all used hardware must be drowned in the wood, and then plastered, which eliminates the emergence of unpleasant consequences.

Thermal insulation of house foam
If you are interested in how to insulate a wall from the inside,then you should know that the insulation materials used must be inserted between the elements of the crate without gaps and gaps. Laying the insulation is not from the floor covering, but from the base of the floor. That is why before the operation should remove the flooring, which will ensure a high-quality and reliable insulation.

If you use insufficiently denseheat-insulating material it is necessary to apply a covering vapor barrier layer. Here, polyethylene film is quite suitable, which is quite affordable in terms of cost. It is possible to produce insulation of the house with foam, which also gives a very qualitative result. When using a film, it is fastened by means of a stapler, and if it is necessary to apply several cloths, one should overlap them with a slight overlap. In the same way, the facade of the house is warmed, but this is a separate topic.

After the done works it is possible to make a decorative facing using different wall panels or sheets of plasterboard.