Modern balconies are so spacious andare beautiful, that to use them as a warehouse for storing cans and sledges is not only impermissible, but also irrational. A large area of ​​the balcony allows you to make it a functional separate room or attach to the room, thereby increasing the useful living space. Both the first and the second variant can be called a wonderful idea, which, however, will require quite tangible material costs for implementation, since it will not be possible to create a new room without adequate warmth, in which there will be an acceptable comfortable temperature.

So, what to insulate the balcony, and what actions forshould this be done? First of all, it will be necessary to install a high-quality plastic double-glazed window that will not only help keep the heat on the balcony, but also protect it from wind, rain and snow. Well, of course, if the balcony has on both sides of the stationary walls - in such cases, the cost of the glass will be much less. If it is open to all winds, it is necessary to put a circular window with triple glazing, without which the insulation of the balcony is impossible. After the installation of the insulating glass unit, it is necessary to carefully close all available holes and cracks, after which you can think about what better to insulate the balcony.

Today, the modern construction market offersseveral types of insulation, which differ from each other quality characteristics, cost and installation method. Some of them represent a budget option, and therefore relatively cheap and easy to use, others are more expensive, but also more effective. In principle, the decision on what to insulate the balcony, it is necessary to take directly to the home master, who will choose the most acceptable option for himself.

The most common means of warmingthe following are considered: the use of mineral wool or foam. Mineral wool is a good insulating material, perfectly coping with the functions assigned to it. It is lightweight, has good thermal conductivity and sound insulation. Among the shortcomings can be called the complexity of installation, which will require the construction of a frame of racks or metal profiles. In addition, after carrying out directly warming with mineral wool, it is necessary to sew the walls with plasterboard, lining or siding, which will not only cover the insulation, but will give the walls a finished and presentable appearance.

Those who do not know what to insulate the balcony quicklyand cheap, you can advise polystyrene - an inexpensive material, the installation of which does not require preliminary preparation. It is glued to the walls in a special solution or attached with dowels-umbrellas, after which the surface can be plastered, and then treated with putty and acrylic paint. Affordable and possessing good thermal insulation properties, polystyrene is very popular among many home craftsmen who are looking for a way to insulate the balcony with their own hands.

Planning future work, do not forget aboutThe fact that the insulation of the balcony will somewhat reduce its useful area. Therefore, if it is possible to mount the installation from the outside, then it should certainly be used. In addition, the exterior decoration of the balcony is also inevitable, so to combine the two operations together - an ideal option. External insulation is considered more effective than internal, however, this kind of work is carried out independently in those cases where the apartment is on the upper floors, rather difficult.

Of course, each of the methods described above,how and what to insulate the balcony, has its advantages and disadvantages. When choosing the most optimal one should take into account the size, future purpose, the presence of the necessary amount of money and the presence of the home master of certain building skills, after which it will be possible to make the right decision.