Virtually every person is in the apartmentbalcony. Often it is used for rest or a winter garden, and sometimes even a workplace. However, all the buildings of this type created by the builders, of course, are not very well made, and in winter they are incredibly cold. How to insulate the balcony with your own hands, knows not everyone, but almost any man can do it.

In the winter on an ordinary balcony it is very cold,almost as it is on the street, and that's why the real master simply needs to insure the balcony with his own hands. There is absolutely no need to call the masters and pay a lot of money, because everything can be done without their help. So, the goal is outlined, and it is necessary to draw up a clear plan for warming the room.

The first thing you need to do is replace the windows. Independently you can do this only if the person knows in advance how to insulate the balcony with their own hands. To do this, it is desirable to read useful literature and consult with experienced people.

The perfect choice of a window frame for this kind ofroom can become a multi-chamber profile. It can be chosen from any color and texture, as well as from any material. In the event that there is no experience in replacing windows and much is not clear, it is better to entrust this matter to specialists and then they will do everything as needed. This is the only stage that can be beyond the strength of an ordinary person. All other questions on how to insulate the balcony with your own hands can be solved with the help of instructions.

An important independent step towards a warmThe winter garden will be hiding the cracks. Surely on the old loggia there is a mass of cracks and cracks through which many cold air penetrate in winter and heat in summer. Fill them with foam. Choosing it, you need to pay attention to the composition, which should not have a component such as toluene. The reason is that it easily and quickly splits and destroys the heater. To do this work should be as carefully and qualitatively as possible, since it is these gaps that can become the main cause of cold and draft.

How to insulate the balcony itself can prompt anyexperienced in building and repairing a person, now there are a lot of such people. After all, you can do it yourself much faster and more economically. After removing the cracks, it is worth deciding how to insulate the balcony with your own hands. This can be done in different ways, and most importantly - different materials. The most common ones that are used for heat and sound insulation of walls are:

  • Styrofoam,
  • penoplex,
  • foamed polyethylene,
  • extruded polystyrene foam.

The last material is the most practical andit is convenient to use, because it stores the acquired heat longer than all others and, of course, the most important thing, it is easy to install and holds well on any surface. To strengthen extruded polystyrene foam is better than dowels, so it keeps for a long time and reliably. Absolutely absolutely all the appearances between the sheets are sealed with a wide tape. Covering the floor and walls with a heater, it is worth laying the floor also with foilable material, it will help to keep the normal temperature in this room. Having studied all the data of this material, the question of how to insulate the balcony with your own hands will be exhausted. Since it's very easy to do, it's easy to attach directly to the heater with glue. The main thing is to hide the joints with metal tape, the reason is that you can not get air inside the foil. It is very important to observe the condition for full heat on the balcony - absolute tightness and maximum thermos effect of the foil zone. Next, stele the floors, it is desirable to make a well-cut out board. It should be thoroughly lapped and made to taste. It will look nice and at the same time it will keep warm.