To visit Bulgaria, Russian citizens mustget a visa. A visa to Bulgaria for Russians is issued at visa centers or visa departments of the Bulgarian embassy. Independently it is issued in the same way as through a travel agency. The only difference is that you will be submitting your documents to the visa center yourself.

Visa to Bulgaria for Russians

You can visit Bulgaria and the currentSchengen visa category C and D and stay there for the period stipulated by the Schengen visa. It should be noted that the days spent in Bulgaria will not be credited to the Schengen countries.

Visas to Bulgaria

  1. Short-term visa to Bulgaria for Russians. It is issued to citizens who enter the country for tourist purposes or to visit friends or relatives.
  2. Group visa. Issued to a group of individuals of the same nationality. Please note, the group must be organized before the application is submitted. The number and composition of the group in the process of being in the country and when traveling beyond its borders should not change.
  3. Transit visa. It is issued to citizens who need to fly through this country to third countries. This visa allows you to stay in Bulgaria for 24 hours.
  4. Visa for immigrants. It is issued to those persons who wish to reside on the territory of the country temporarily or permanently.

Tourist visa to Bulgaria

A visa to Bulgaria for Russians is issued if available:

  • The application form is completed and signed by the applicant.
  • Foreign passport with a validity period of at least three months after the end date of the planned trip.
  • A color photograph of the applicant and the child if he travels with you and is inscribed on your passport.
  • Medical insurance for the entire period of stay in Bulgaria. The amount of insurance coverage must be at least thirty thousand euros.
  • Flight tickets or the tickets themselves. If you are driving your own car, you need documents for it: a certificate of registration, a copy of the driver's license, etc.

Tourist visa to Bulgaria is issued atavailability of confirmation of the booked room at the hotel and confirmation of the facts of payment of the reservation by the applicant. In addition, you need a certificate from the work on the corporate letterhead with the signature and stamp of the head. Pensioners can provide a pension certificate instead of a certificate of income. If you travel with children, a separate questionnaire is filled in for the child, regardless of whether it is entered in the parent's passport or not, and a full set of documents is provided.

How much does a visa for Bulgaria

How much does a visa for Bulgaria

When you apply for a visa, you will have to pay a consular feea fee of 35 euros. If urgent registration is required, the amount of the consular fee will be doubled - 70 euros. For processing of documents an additional fee is collected - 1000 rubles.

Refusal of a visa

A visa to Bulgaria for Russians may not be issued in such cases:

  1. If the applicant is the owner of the property or has a business in Bulgaria.
  2. If the frequency of trips is more than three times a year.
  3. If the applicant stayed in the country for a tourist visa for less than seven days.

In these cases, the applicant must obtain another visa: business, private or visa for unorganized tourists.