For more than five years, a visa to Thailand for Russiansentry to the country is not required. In 2007, the Russian Federation and the Kingdom of Thailand signed an agreement under which Russian citizens can visit Thailand without a visa. But only if the trip is made for tourism purposes, and the period of stay in the country is not more than 30 days. Visiting the country for other purposes or staying in Thailand for many months requires a visa.

Visa to Thailand for Russians

Visa for Thailand for Russians is issued inConsulate of Thailand when submitting an application and having a complete set of relevant documents. They must be submitted to the Thai Mission in the country at least five days prior to departure. Pre-registration in the consulate is not necessary, there is no need to draw up papers personally. Documents are accepted only on working days.

Visa for Thailand for Russians is issued if the following documents are available:

  • a passport with a validity period of at least 6 months;
  • completed and signed questionnaire;
  • two color photographs measuring 3 by 4 cm;
  • receipts for payment of the consular fee;
  • a certificate from the place of employment certified by a notary;
  • an extract from the bank account of the applicant certified by a notary.

In the consulate you can get the following types of visas:

  1. Single entry visa for up to 60 days.
  2. A double visa for a period of 60 days, through which you can enter twice in Thailand.
  3. Educational visa for learning anything. For example, you can learn foreign languages. According to the study visa in the country can be no more than 5 years. The cost of a visa is 20-25 thousand baht. It is worth noting that when you leave the country before the end of the validity of the visa, it closes.
  4. The conjugal visa. To get a family visa, you need to marry a citizen of the Kingdom of Thailand.
  5. Pension visa. Such a visa can be obtained if the account in the bank of Thailand has an amount of 800 thousand baht. Also, a pension visa is issued to foreigners who are officially working in Thai companies or business owners in that country.

Visa to Thailand for Belarusians
As already mentioned, only touristthe trip does not require any preliminary preparation. In other cases, a visa for Thailand is required for Russians. If a tourist who enters the country without a visa wants to stay there for a longer period, he must obtain a non-immigrant visa that allows him to remain in the country for up to 90 days.

Citizens of the CIS countries, but not of Russia, a visa to Thailandis issued upon arrival in the country. Visa to Thailand for Belarusians, citizens of Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Tajikistan is processed in advance at the consulate of the Kingdom of Thailand, located in Moscow.

How much does a visa for Thailand cost?

How much does a visa for Thailand

Russian citizens who apply for a Thai visa for more than thirty days must pay a consular fee:

  • for a single visa - $ 35;
  • for a double visa - 60 dollars.

The consular fee is collected only when you submit documents to the consulate, upon arrival in the country the visa is issued for free.

Consequently, the citizens of Russia without unnecessary problemscan visit Thailand. There are not many documents required, and it will not take long to wait for permission to enter. It is worth noting that the Russians in the visa are almost never denied. If someone is still afraid of difficulties in obtaining a visa at the consulate, then in just a few minutes you can get it at the airport of Phuket or Bangkok upon arrival in the country.