Those Russians who want to visit the mysterious andfar country of the United Arab Emirates, must necessarily obtain a visa. Since 2001, the UAE has established a visa-free regime with 33 countries. Citizens of these states no longer ask themselves the question of whether a visa is necessary in the UAE - for them it is not required. But, unfortunately, Russia does not belong to these countries.

Do I need a visa in the UAE?

Please note that the UAE visa itselfis issued only in the consular section of the embassy of this country and is issued only to diplomats. The rest of the citizens can solve this issue in visa centers or with the help of tour operators. A visa to the UAE can be tourist, guest or transit.

The subtleties of visa in the UAE

Citizens of Russia, who are interested in information aboutwhether a visa is needed in the UAE, must know that the visa is issued before entry. Airlines Aeroflot, Air Arabia, Emirates and Etihad offer tourists special packages, which include tickets to both sides and tourist visa to the Emirates for 30 days. The same service is provided by hotels and firms specializing in visa issuance. To get a tourist visa with a validity period of 30 days, it is enough to have a passport and photo.

Visa to the UAE independently

It is worth noting that for unmarried women under 30years, the question "Do I need a visa in the UAE?" is more difficult to solve. Also, a married lady may have difficulties if she left herself with her maiden name. For a trip to the Arab Emirates with children, it is necessary that children are entered in the father's visa.

Price of visa in UAE

A visa to the UAE for Russian citizens costs $ 75. If you need an urgent visa, the amount, as a rule, doubles. If the child is included in the passport of one of the parents (better than the father), then the visa is issued free of charge. If the child has his / her own foreign passport, then the visa for him is formalized in accordance with the general conditions.

It is worth noting that the issue of opening a visa forSingle girls under the age of 30 can be solved as follows: the travel agency making the reservation will receive fifteen hundred dollars as a guarantee that the girl will return to her homeland after the end of the tour. If the tourist stays in the Emirates, the tour operator will pay this amount in the form of a fine.

Documents for issuing a visa to the UAE

Visa to UAE for Russian citizens

As a rule, the question "is it necessary to have a visa in the UAE?"is decided within two to ten days.Note that the Emirates celebrate a large number of religious holidays, and the immigration service does not work these days, therefore it is better to apply for a visa two weeks before the planned trip.

So, to obtain a visa to enter the UAE, you must submit the following documents:

  1. a scanned copy of the passport with a validity period of not less than six months after the planned end of the trip;
  2. Color photo size 4.3 to 5.5 and its scan copy (file size should not exceed 40Kb);
  3. a questionnaire filled out by the applicant in English;
  4. a copy of the marriage certificate (for married women under 30 having different surnames with the husband);
  5. copies of birth certificates (for travel with children).

It is forbidden to import medicines into the UAE,containing narcotic substances. If such drugs are found at customs, it threatens the tourist with big problems, up to imprisonment or a large fine.