France is on the list of countries that have signedSchengen agreement, therefore, to visit this country you need a Schengen or French visa. A long-term visa to France is issued if your trip is scheduled for more than 90 days. Such a visa makes it possible to stay only in France, it is not Schengen.

Long-term visa to France

A long-term visa to France is issued as followscategories of citizens: students, students, entrepreneurs, teachers, artists. Also here you can include visas of the bride or groom. As soon as a Russian citizen arrives in France, he must ask for a foreigner's identity card at the place of his stay in the prefecture, according to which he will have the right to live and work on the territory of the country. This certificate gives its holder the opportunity to freely move around the EU countries.

Types of long-term visas to France

Do I need a visa to France

A visa with a long period of validity (equivalent to a residence permit)

Since 2009, it has become possible to obtain a visa,giving the opportunity to stay in France for more than three months without having to contact the prefecture for the entire duration of this document. A long-term visa for France of this kind is available to the following categories of citizens:

  • spouses of French citizens;
  • students;
  • Persons who leave for a long time at the invitation of relatives;
  • persons who are going to work for hire;
  • persons who provide family support - to the tutors, etc.

Questionnaire OFII

Long-term visa to France, equivalent to the typefor residency, requires the existence of an OFII application attached to the applicant's file. This application form should be sent immediately after receiving the visa or upon arrival in France. The application form, approved in the consulate, must be sent by registered mail to the regional office OFII.

After this, the representative of OFII will contactapplicant for the registration procedure. It is mandatory (if, after three months, registration is not carried out, then the holder of such a visa will be considered an illegal resident). A long-term visa to France of this kind gives its holder the right to travel throughout the Schengen area, but on condition that the duration of the trip does not exceed three months.

Visa to France by invitation

Visa to France by invitation

Do I need a visa to France if the trip isis planned for a marriage with a French citizen / subject? In this case, the applicant must file a request for a short-term visa, and after registering a marriage, he must return to Russia and receive a long-term visa equivalent to the residence permit.

Citizens who go to France on an invitation to work or just stay, should get a visa. To obtain it, you need the following documents:

  • two photos;
  • Original invitation, certified by the city hall in placeresidence of the inviting party (if the inviting party is your relative, then you do not need to certify the document in the mayor's office, but in this case confirmation of your relationship is required: birth certificate, marriage registration certificate (copy), etc.).

This package of documents is compulsory upon receipt of a visa by invitation. Also, another package is required that relates specifically to the very fact of the trip. Namely:

  • valid foreign passport;
  • the passport of the citizen of Russia;
  • certificate from work;
  • a statement on the status of the bank account, etc.

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