The People's Republic of China is itself thedensely populated throughout the world. But this is not the only feature of this state. In China, there are many interesting sights that attract tourists from all over the world. But do you need a visa for China for Russians? After all, Russia and China are in friendly relations.

Do I need a visa to China

In fact, a visa is not required only for holders of diplomatic passports. All other citizens must adhere to the visa regime in accordance with the accepted rules for entry into this country.

Self-service visa

To find out if you need a visa to China, and find outrequirements for its design, a citizen must apply to the embassy in Moscow or St. Petersburg. It is worth noting that privileges are provided for residents of the border areas.

To the list of required documents for registrationvisas, as a rule, include: a foreign passport with a validity period of not less than six months, a questionnaire filled out by the applicant, photographs and a certificate from the place of employment indicating the position held and the salary.

Working visa for China

The Chinese visa is issued within 7 working days. Do I need a visa to China to visit the special area of ​​the PRC - Hong Kong? In this case, a separate visa is required, which is issued well in advance of entry into the country.

Import and export currency values ​​can be inunlimited quantity. To export old items that are the property of the country, you need to obtain permission from the Ministry of Culture of the PRC. Limits on the import of tobacco - no more than two hundred cigarettes, on import of alcohol - no more than 1 liter, on import of perfumery production - no more than 50 ml are accepted.

Working visa to China is necessary for foreigncitizens who are sent to this country to work. In order to obtain such a visa, a citizen must have a document authorizing him to work, for example, confirmation of admission to a particular position, certificate of invitation for temporary work, and so on. It is also necessary to have a visa notice and a medical certificate. Work visas can be multiple or single entry.

Group visa to China

Group visa to China is issued if the following documents are available:

- an invitation from a travel agency registered in China;

- the list of a group of persons consisting of not less than 5 people (three copies).

The list should include information about each tourist: name and surname, date of birth (as in a passport), passport number, date of issuance and expiry date.

To apply for a group visa, you do not need a questionnaireand photos. Please note, the visa documents in the PRC must be filled in without corrections and blots. If mistakes were made, the document must be refilled.

Do I need a visa to China in case of transit through this country

China has some agreements withsome countries, whose citizens can get a transit visa for up to seven days at the international airport in Dalian - Zhoushuizi. Please note that a visa is issued on arrival only at this airport. To obtain such a visa, a foreign citizen must present a passport, tickets for a flight to another country, a photo for a passport and pay a visa fee - 14US.