The UAE is a beautiful country, attracting touristsculture, magnificent nature, interesting sights. Today almost all barriers to travel have been erased, many countries have become more open with regard to vacationers. But still the Arab Emirates are positioned as a state with strict morals, so many travelers are wondering whether everyone can go there to rest, whether you need a visa to the Emirates.

It should be noted that all residents need a visaCIS countries. To issue it is not so difficult. The embassy issues visas only to Russian citizens with official or diplomatic passports, so ordinary citizens need to contact the intermediary. They may be an airline, travel agency or hotel. If the flight is via Dubai, then you can apply for a visa in the capital visa center.

The visa for the Emirates for Russians is issued on the basis of the following documents:

  • the original of the Russian passport;
  • the original of the passport;
  • round-trip air ticket;
  • a high-quality photo of the format 3,5х4,3 cm;
  • a receipt confirming the payment of the visa fee;
  • copies of used and valid visas;
  • documents confirming financial viability.

Visa to the Emirates
Young people under the age of 22 in the UAE are consideredminors, so they must apply for a visa with one of the parents, and the parent does not have to go. If the child is entered in the passport of one of the parents, then you need to scan this page and attach a photo of the child, a visa to the Emirates will be open to him for free. If the child has a separate passport, then the visa is opened on normal conditions.

All visas to the United Arab Emirates are divided into three types: transit, tourist and guest. The cheapest and the shortest are transit visas, they are issued only for 96 hours. Such visas will suit travelers who are on their way to another country, but transit through the United Arab Emirates. If the next plane more than a day, then to sit at the airport does not make sense. With the help of a transit visa, you can freely navigate around the city, see the sights, stay at the hotel.

Do I need a visa to the Emirates
The most common is the touristvisa to the Emirates. It is issued for 30 days and is quite suitable for those who want to relax in one of the resorts of the UAE. Usually, a travel agency deals with the visa issue, in which a tour is bought, but you can rely on the hotel, although in this case it is better to agree on everything in advance, otherwise you can end up in a desperate situation.

Visa to the Emirates for Russians
The most expensive and longest is the guest visain the Emirates. It is issued for 90 days to tourists whose family members reside in the UAE for long-term visas. It should be issued only through a guarantor, in which capacity the resident of the United Arab Emirates, a hotel or any company can act.

Usually a visa to the Emirates is issued about 3 - 4days, but it is still worthwhile to worry about this in advance in order to avoid unforeseen situations. It should be noted that in the UAE, Fridays and Saturdays, as well as all state holidays, are days off. This fact can also affect the duration of visa processing.