Finland is located in the northeast of Europe,has common borders with Norway, Sweden and Russia. The nature of this northern country has hardly affected the activity of man, even luxury hotels are harmoniously harmonized with the natural landscape. Every year thousands of tourists come to this country. Here are excellent conditions for fishing, rafting, dog sledding or skiing. Therefore, the question of whether a visa is needed in Finland, worries many fans of recreation in this country.

do I need a visa to Finland

As Finland enters the Schengen zoneagreement, to enter the country you need a Schengen visa. To this end, the applicant must apply to the Finnish office in Russia. You can also apply for a visa at the Consulate General of the country in St. Petersburg, Moscow, the visa center of Finland, the Consulate in Petrozavodsk and Murmansk.

Thus, the question: "Do I need a visa to Finland, and which one?" - You can answer that for entry to Finland citizens of the Russian Federation visa is required. The Finnish consulate can issue both Schengen and national visas. A national Finnish visa is issued if, for some parameters, for example, by the period of stay in the country, the conditions of its operation do not coincide with the Schengen Agreement. In any other cases, a Schengen visa is issued. A national visa by the Finnish Consulate is rarely issued.

single entry visa to Finland

A single entry visa to Finland is issuedConsulate for a one-time trip to the country. It gives you the right to cross the border to Finland only once and for the period specified in the visa, and, of course, return back. Today, a single entry visa is popular for a three-day ferry trip to Finland and Sweden.

Do I need a visa to Finland, and can I get ityourself? A Finnish visa can be obtained independently by contacting a Finnish representative office in Russia. Consular visa fee is 35 euros. An urgent Finnish visa costs about 70 euros. The consular fee for refusing to issue a visa to the applicant is not refundable.

Multiple entry visa to Finland, which alsois called a multivisa, issued for a certain number of days, which a tourist can stay in the country for a certain period of time. At the Moscow Consulate, tourists are usually issued a one-time visa for as many days as will last

multiple entry visa to Finland
the intended trip. Multivisa in Moscow, of course, you can get, but it will be easier if you have previously traveled to Finland several times for single-entry visas.

In the North-West region, the situation is different. Here, at the first application, a six-month visa is issued for 30 days in the Schengen countries. In case of a second appeal, the applicant can already receive an annual visa for up to 180 days, although, as practice shows, consulates prefer to issue annual visas for 90 days on average.

In order to decide whether a visa is needed in Finlandyou, which one, how it is more convenient for you to get it, it is desirable to first collect a maximum of information about the different types of visas and the conditions for obtaining them.