Vegetables stewed with mushrooms - it's tasty and usefula dish that can be cooked at least every day, including in the church post. There are a lot of cooking options: on the stove, in the oven, in the multivark, in the pots. It can be stewed potatoes, cabbage with mushrooms, and many other delicious dishes. Recipes for the preparation of only some of them are presented in our article.

Vegetables with mushrooms stewed in pots

All the advantages of preparing dishes in potsconsist in the fact that the products retain most of the vitamins and minerals. Vegetables with mushrooms stewed in this way are not cooked, but languish in their own juice. The dish is juicy and tender, with a rich vegetable taste.

vegetables with mushrooms stewed
For its preparation, you can take absolutely anyvegetables. In our case, it will be white cabbage, champignons, potatoes, pea beans (can be replaced with green beans), mini corn, onions, carrots, tomatoes and garlic. Before you send the pots to the oven, they are recommended to put in cold water for 1 hour.

All the ingredients for the dish are cut into cubes,Onion and mushrooms are fried in vegetable oil until all the liquid has disappeared. Ripe tomatoes, based on half a tomato per 1 pot, must be blanched, after making a cross-cut.

Ingredients put in a pot of layers and adda little water (about 100 ml). Then send the dish into the oven, heated to 175 degrees. Vegetables with mushrooms stewed in pots will be ready in 35 minutes. 10 minutes before the end of the meal, crushed garlic and greens are added (if desired).

Vegetables stewed with mushrooms: a recipe for cooking in a multivariate

Not less tasty and useful are vegetabledishes cooked in the multivark. Extinguish together you can absolutely any vegetables. A classic variant is stewed potatoes with mushrooms and vegetables. The cooking time is about 40 minutes, the mode is "Baking".

stewed potatoes with mushrooms and vegetables
First, all the vegetables are cut into cubes by the recipe. Then onions (100 g) and mushrooms (300 g) are pre-fried in the "Baking" mode before the liquid evaporates. After that, potatoes (400 g), carrots (150 g), zucchini (200 g) and other ingredients are added as desired. Vegetables lay out layers, cover the multivarquet with a lid and cook until ready.

The taste of this dish can be made even more gentle, if before adding the desired mode of the multivarker, add sour cream to it, at the rate of 250 ml for the indicated number of products.

Vegetables with mushrooms in the sleeve

For cooking vegetables with mushrooms for thisthe recipe will need potatoes, carrots, onions, eggplant. Champignons cut into large pieces. Broccoli will be enough to divide into inflorescences, and eggplant must be salted in advance in order to remove bitterness. After all the ingredients have been prepared, they need to be combined together in one bowl, salt, mix with vegetable oil (a little) and put in a sleeve for baking.

vegetables stewed with mushrooms recipe
Vegetables with mushrooms stewed in the sleeve will be readyin 45 minutes. At will, 10 minutes before the end of cooking, the bag can be cut so that the mushrooms turn out to be a ruddy crust. Now vegetables can be laid out on a dish and served as a side dish to meat or fish.

The recipe for cooking cabbage with mushrooms

To everyone who loves vegetarian cuisine, be sure tolike this recipe. A delicious dish can be prepared with champignons, fresh forest, and dried mushrooms. Cabbage is used in the recipe. In addition, you need onions, carrots, tomato paste (2 tablespoons), salt and spices.

cabbage with mushrooms
At the very beginning of cooking, you need to saveonion oil (200 g), then grated carrots (200 g) and mushrooms. Stew all together until the liquid completely evaporates. After that you can add cabbage. It will need as much as mushrooms, that is, 0.5 kg. Stew vegetables with mushrooms for another 15 minutes. After a while add tomato paste, salt and pepper the dish, if necessary, add a little water. Stewed cabbage will be ready in 15 minutes. It turns out equally tasty and hot and cold.

Cabbage with mushrooms according to the recipecan be not only vegetarian, but also meat, if you add boiled meat to it, as well as sausages or sausages. In this form it will be served to the table no longer as a garnish, but as an independent dish.</ strong </ p>